Monday, 6 March 2017

Wagyu Steak, Lobster and Premium Champagne at The Crazy Bear £27 (60% Off)

Wagyu Steak, Lobster and Champagne

The Deal

English or Thai - Enjoy a truly deluxe “Surf and Turf” with premium Champagne in decadent surroundings. 
This lavish lunch or dinner offers you a choice of English or Thai cuisine and the option of five restaurants at three Crazy Bear venues. Savour a 100g Australian Wagyu beef sirloin and half a Native or Canadian lobster complemented with a glass of Pére et Fils Champagne (worth £22.95). Alternatively you can choose a 200g Wagyu beef or whole lobster instead of surf and turf. Any a la carte vegetarian main course dish can be used as a substitute for vegetarians. Wagyu herds are born and raised on pristine outback stations in Queensland’s Avon Downs for 9-12 months before being moved to the heart of the Darling Downs where they are finished on wheat, barley and corn for an average of 350 days, then graded according to the quality of the marbling in the meat. Lobsters are caught in sustainably managed British or Canadian waters subject to season.