Sunday 31 October 2010

Haunted London-Jack the Ripper

Haunted London, A Haunted Walk with Richard Jones

Haunted London, St Bartholomew The Great Church, Smithfield London.

St. Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield, London, EC1A 7DQ
The second oldest church in London. It was founded in 1123 by Rahere, who is said to have once been the pious jester to King Henry I. While on a pilgrimage to Rome, he received a vision of St. Bartholomew who instructed him to build both a church and hospital at Smithfield. This he did as soon as he returned to England and thus was started both St. Bartholomew's Church but also St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
Rahere became a monk and is buried inside the church in an ornate tomb of which he would most certainly have disapproved. Maybe this is the reason that his cowled figure has been both seen and heard many times within the church. He usually stands near the altar but at other times he has been spotted walking towards the Lady Chapel.

Haunted London, St Bartholomew The Great Church, Smithfield London.


Thursday 28 October 2010

Fireworks in London 2010 - Bonfire Night Fireworks Displays - Around Town - Time Out London

Yes I am biased but Clapham common gets my 10/10 vote

Fireworks in London 2010 - Bonfire Night Fireworks Displays - Around Town - Time Out London

Halloween in London 2010 Things to Do!! Canal Boat Trip

A Unique Trip

The Halloween trip is a unique trip through Islington Tunnel at halloween on board one of London's community narrowboats specially decorated for the occasion with a friendly witch amongst the crew. Be prepared for some surprise sights in the darkness of the 191 year old tunnel! You may also meet a witch on your journey or before or after it! Kids receive sweets on board and a free glowstick.
Places are limited on each trip. Babies are counted even if they are carried in arms. The Canal Museum Trust sells boat trip tickets as agent for the Camden Canals and Narrowboat Association. You are advised to be at the museum at least 15 minutes before your trip - the boat cannot wait for latecomers.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace

Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace .

Hampton Court Palace, with its 500 years of history, has seen many dramatic royal 
events from the death of Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, to the condemnation 
and house arrest of his fifth, Catherine Howard, for adultery. Over the centuries, staff, 
visitors, workmen and residents have experienced strange phenomena for which there 
is often no practical explanation. Many of these experiences have been recorded, the 
better known of which are below. 

Catherine Howard and The Haunted Gallery 
• The hauntings of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of King Henry VIII, at Hampton Court 
Palace are so well known that the Haunted Gallery was given its spine-tingling 
• In November 1541, Catherine was charged with adultery, placed under house 
arrest and confined to her rooms at Hampton Court. It is claimed that she broke 
free from her guards and ran down the corridor to reach King Henry, who was in his 
private chapel, and plead for her life. Her guards soon caught up with her and 
dragged her back to her rooms, despite her protests. Catherine was later executed 
at the Tower of London. 
• It is said that a female form, dressed in white, has been seen floating down the 
Haunted Gallery ‘towards the door of the Royal Pew, and just as she reaches it, 
has been observed to hurry back with disordered garments and a ghastly look of 
despair, uttering at the same time the most unearthly shrieks, till she passes 
through the door at the end of the gallery’. (A Short History of Hampton Court by 
Ernest Law, 1897) 
• During totally separate evening tours of the palace one evening in 1999, two female 
visitors fainted on exactly the same spot in the Haunted Gallery approximately one 
hour apart. Both of them felt frightened and uncomfortable and one lady declined to 
re-join the tour. 

Jane Seymour wanders in Clock Court 
• Catherine Howard isn’t Henry VIII’s only wife whose presence is still felt at 
Hampton Court. His third and favourite wife, Jane Seymour, died at the palace 
following complications after the birth of Henry’s only son, Edward, in 1537. 
• Jane is said to walk through the cobbled courtyard of Clock Court carrying a lighted 

Sibell Penn and ‘The Lady in Grey’ 
• Sibell Penn was nurse to Prince Edward, Henry VIII’s only son. 
• She died in 1562 and was buried in a nearby Hampton church. When the old 
church was pulled down in 1829, Sibell Penn’s remains were disturbed and it is 
said that she returned to the rooms she inhabited during her time at Hampton Court 
Palace. The sound of a spinning wheel could be heard from behind a wall in the 
south-west wing of the palace shortly afterwards. When the wall was demolished, a 
small forgotten room was found, containing an old spinning wheel. 
• Sibell Penn is the most persistent ghost at Hampton Court Palace. There have 
been sightings as recently as 1986 when a ‘lady in grey’ was reportedly seen in 
various Tudor courtyards and cloisters. 

The Wolsey Closet Dog 
• This Wolsey Closet has long been commented on by visitors, warders and other 
staff as having a “strange atmosphere”. A caterer at an evening function refused to 
enter the little alcove in the room because he felt it was “evil”. 
• A dog has been seen and heard in the room on more than one occasion, and the 
presence of a dog felt by somebody “sensitive” to paranormal activity. 

Caught on camera! 
• In October 2003 something very spooky was caught on the palace’s CCTV 
security footage. 
• On several occasions palace security guards were alerted to an open Fire 
Door. After securing the door each time, they returned to their office to view 
the CCTV footage to see who opened them. On the first occasion the footage 
showed the doors flying wide open, but no evidence of why they had. On the 
second occasion they were stunned when a ghostly-looking figure in period  

dress suddenly appeared on the screen and closed the doors. The same thing 
happened on a third day, but again no figure appeared. 
• It wasn’t just security guards who thought they were seeing things. A visitor 
noted in the palace’s visitor book that day she thought she had seen a ghost in 
that area. 
• The footage of the figure caught to world’s media attention with reports in 
newspapers and on TV and radio as far afield as India, Australia and Peru. 
• To date palace officials have no idea who the figure was! 

Wednesday 20 October 2010

London Pictures, Vintage bus and St Pauls

Thanks To Kimi for this picture ....

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Regent Palace History

Recently sold by Bonham’s at auction  was Edward Wadsworth (British, 1889-1949) , First Sketch for a Painting at the Forward End of the Main Smoke Room on RMS Queen Mary.

See the above image of the “Cabin Class Smoking Room “  and “the Verandah Grill” remember there was first class, cabin class and third class. The reason for showing these images is the similarity
between these designs and  architecture and that still evident in the Atlantic Bar and Grill and the adjoining bar (formerly the Smoking room ) in the REGENT PALACE hotel. The same can be said of the Titanic Restaurant
which had a nautical make over and reference to the White Star line when it was recently remodelled before closure. Both these restaurants were redesigned in the 1930’s  by Oliver Barnard who was influenced by the ocean going liners designs having done some work in the field.

Supplied By Leigh

Lost River Tyburn, Hidden London

For many years travelling on the Number 2 bus to Marylebone, I would crossover the Thames on Vauxhall Bridge. Most of the time you looked to the right with Views of Westminster and the London eye, when you looked left your eyes might catch upon a small cottage building with  a hole beneath it, going into the Thames. 

Its a curious building and dwarfed by the modern buildings next to it. Tyburn House and Rio cottage is above the exit point of the river Tyburn into the Thames

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Lily Hotel London, Budget Earls Court Accommodation

In response to a recent question here are some details on the Lily hotel . 22 - 33 Lillie Road,
London, SW6 1UG - United Kingdom. I can confirm that all dates requested our service obtains a better price for your hotel stay Price and Date quotation including a direct booking request.

Central / Earls Court
19 kms to the airport (heathrow)
42 kms to the airport (gatwick)
2 minute walk to the nearest metro station (west brompton)
3 km to the nearest station (paddington)
2 minute walk to the nearest bus stop
1 km to the nearest fair site (earls court) 

Cheap & Budget Hotels in Kensington / Earls Court

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Kensington then Hotel Lily is THE place for you. Comfortable, elegant, and only a minute’s walk from the West Brompton Tube Station, Hotel Lily aims to please with its cheap rooms, international – class service and warm, attentive staff.

Convenient Location
comfortable and elegant hotel accommodation in Central London, Hotel Lily is within striking distance of Harrods in London, the Hammersmith Apollo as well as the Royal Albert Hall, all prominent landmarks in the city. Our proximity to the West Brompton Tube station makes it just a few minutes away from virtually every important location in London.

High Quality Service
Each one of our 110 rooms is attractively furnished and designed with our guests’ comfort in mind. They all have Ensuite facilities. Our prices may be budget, but our services are not, with colour televisions and direct dial telephones in rooms, as well as central heating and complimentary tea and coffee. You will not get such service from any other budget hotel.
A Memorable Dining Experience.
Enjoy our signature Hotel Lily breakfast in our air-conditioned dining room. Choose between a traditional breakfast and a full continental spread.

More Information and Booking

Friday 8 October 2010

Haunted London, Ghost Train On the London Underground

South Kensington

A Ghost Train....

Now here's a sighting of a ghost train and we don't mean the train timer showing a train in 3 mins and then just disappearing! . 
A late night passenger from the last westbound tube said he he saw a train pull into South Ken station in December 1928. An ear-piercing whistle sounded all around with the passenger spotting a ghostly figure in a reefer jacket and peaked cap hanging from the side of the engine. The man and the train then vanished into the tunnel never to be seen again......

South Kensington platforms were used as a hospital during World War Two.
The main highlightS near the station being The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. These are directly connected to the station via an underpass where temporary art exhibitions are on display.South Kensington is also the nearest station to the Royal Albert Hall on Kensington Gore and Christie's on 85 Old Brompton Road.

Thursday 7 October 2010

Rubens at the Palace


We understand how difficult it can be when you have to leave your pet at home, therefore we provide a wide range of pet friendly services with our compliments. These are as follows:

On check-in:

·       Your pet will receive a welcome hamper, which will include a toy, a treat, a Rubens tag and clean-up bags
·       A welcome letter with information on special pet services available from our Pet Concierge, Dave Brown, with his unique travel tips

     In-room: for your Pet

·       Custom made Rubens Hotel pet bed
·       'Do Not Disturb/Pet Sleeping' card
·       Food and water bowl with fresh mineral water with pet menu and floor mat
·       Turndown treat

     On check-out:

·       Framed photo of pet and certificate of stay

Concierge Service: Please enquire about the prices for the following services.

·       Dog sitting - book 24 hours in advance
·       Dog walking - book 24 hours in advance
·       Grooming service
·       Dog and Cat treats
·       Dog and Cat toys
·       Dog and Cat menus
·       Birthday celebrations
·       Bathrobes
·       Leashes
·       Taxi service
·       Litter boxes
·       Pet store details
·       Map of nearby parks and walks
·       Dog and Cat first aid kits
·       Veterinary services and emergency details

At time of booking please advise you will be bringing your pet.

 39 Buckingham Palace Road

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Hotel Review.

Thanks to John who sent this in from a Hotel stay in Bayswater View review

London's most haunted Church? Haunted London

St Bartholomew The Great

St Bartholomew The Great.....
Is in the Smithfield's area of London and is said to be the most haunted church in London. The Hauntings include a ghost said to be Rahere the original founder of the priory and a priest who was burnt alive in an iron cage. St Bartholomew is also close to a site in Smithfield where hundreds of heretics and dissidents were executed, including William Wallace the legendary Scottish freedom fighter.
Hmmm have a look at this video and make your own mind up... View Video

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Regent Palace History. Frederick G Valentine

 We were pleased to receive this communication the other day.
 My father, Frederick G Valentine worked at the Regent Palace from the early 1930s until 1941/42. He played football for Lyons from the early 1930s until the war and we still have a number of medals he received in connection with this. He was a fire watcher at the hotel during the war and narrowly escaped injury when the hotel was hit (I still have a small piece of shrapnel that embedded itself in woodwork near to him went the bomb exploded. I read Betty Chadwick's story and was particularly interested in the reference she made to a lady she referred to as a dear soul called "Valentine" (her surname). This made me wonder if another Valentine relative of mine worked at the hotel at the same time as my father. If you no longer have staff records from that time, would it be possible for you to pass this email to Betty Chadwick together with my email address? She might know if the "dear soul" Valentine had a relative working there. Ray Valentine Melbourne Australia

The above request was passed to Leigh Smith and the following information was supplied by Ray Valentine. We would like to thank him for sending this to us and with his kind permission have now published the story.

My father joined Chas Wright Ltd, Edgware as an apprentice die-sinker after leaving school, became qualified there and was still working for them in 1929 when the firm "went under" in the Depression. He played football for Hendon Town FC in the London League during the 1920s and until 1931. He also played for the London League while with Hendon Town. Hendon Town FC had lost their ground in 1929 and were in financial difficulty until they finally closed down at the end of the 1932/33 season.

He got a job at the Regent Palace Hotel as a french polisher, probably sometime in 1931. He played for The Lyons Club in the 1931/32 season (see West End Department League winners medal). As far as I know, he had little or no previous experience of french polishing and used to attend evening classes at the Regent Street Polytechnic after finishing work at the RPH. 

Sometime after the hotel bombing he was able to make use of his earlier technical training and experience by working as an engineering inspector on aircraft frame production at Wembley. Sadly, a few years after the war, he died of cancer, aged 46. 

Apart from the medals (see attached) I have no photographs from his football days - neither from Hendon Town FC or The Lyons Club. Shortly prior to receiving your email I had written to two researchers to find out what the cost would be of searching the Lyons Mail magazine copies of which I believe are held in the London Metropolitan Archives. So your offer to send me the presentation disc was very timely and welcome. I realize that there may well be no photographs of my father on the disc but I am very much looking forward to viewing the contents.

I have attached a couple of views of the piece of shrapnel that buried itself in a wall or in some woodwork after just missing my father's head. It isn't very large but it would have had the same effect as a bullet if it had hit him. He dug it out of the wall with a chisel. Some bits of the RPH are still stuck to it. 
Also attached is a pdf file of his medal collection. I can send this as a Word file if required. The actual collection is held by a brother in UK. The attached file was created by myself using the scanned images.
The last attachment is a photo of my father taken in 1946. There are one or two photos of him taken in the 1930s. They are not associated with The Lyons Club but I will send them if you like.

Please let me know if you require any further information.