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Wartime London Small Group Tour

Discover the devastating effect the Second World War had on the city of London as our expert tour guide brings the story of this devastating chapter in British history to life over 75 years later.
Visit the most important wartime headquarters used by the Allies, see evidence of bomb damage, surviving signs locating life-saving air raid shelters and the monument's statues dedicated to our wartime heroes.

• Visit the ruins of at least one church destroyed during the bombing and also see the bomb damage from the First World War
• See where Sir Winston Churchill delivered his VE Day speech to a jubilant British Crowd
• See Downing Street, where Neville Chamberlain famously broadcast the British declaration of war on Germany
• See important wartime headquarters such as Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms and Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Supreme headquarters
Wartime Headquarters/a City Destroyed

From 1939 to 1945 Britain fought for its very survival against the might of the German war machine. Enraged by the air superiority of the Royal Air Force at the Battle of Britain and Britain’s stubborn refusal to surrender, Hitler vowed to destroy London and the spirit of its people ahead of a planned invasion. Britain was to be bombed into submission, and throughout 76 consecutive nights between September and November 1940 a third of the city was destroyed, while tens of thousands lost their lives.
See visible signs of bomb damage from the war and visit the remains of at least one church that was destroyed during the blitz and left as a testament to the devastation. See the wartime headquarters from where the Allied leaders coordinated the resistance, including Eisenhower’s Supreme Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), General Sikorski’s London base, and many more.

Important Historical Sites

See the building where ‘Operation Overlord’ wad planned, including the Allied landings on D-Day – the largest air, naval and land operation in history. You’ll also see where Sir Winston Churchill delivered his victorious VE Day speech and the sites where, almost six years earlier, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain broadcasted the British declaration of war.

Monuments & Statues

Pass through Parliament Square en-route to Whitehall, where along the way you’ll see the statues dedicated to notable Allied figures including Churchill, Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris, as well as several monuments dedicated the Battle of Britain, Women of WWII and the Cenotaph- the site of Britain’s national war memorial.

What's Included
Luxurious 16 seater coach
Professional tour guide
Personal Audio Headset

BBC Audience - Join BBC Two for the live final of epic new history series Icons

BBC Shows, Tours and Take Part
Icons: The Greatest Person of the 20th Century - Live Final
Shows, Tours & Take Part
Icons: The Greatest Person of the 20th Century is an epic new history series profiling great people from seven different fields of human endeavour. In the live final, a panel of celebrity advocates will celebrate the outstanding leader, explorer, scientist, entertainer, activist, sports star, and artist or writer and the viewers will vote for the greatest person of the 20th century. Join us to assess the achievements of the 20th century's most important and influential figures - the men and women who helped shape our world today.
Our advocates are Dermot O’Leary (Explorers), Sir Trevor McDonald (Leaders), Sanjeev Bhaskar(Activists), Lily Cole (Artists and Writers), Kathleen Turner (Entertainers), Clare Balding (Sports Stars) and Chris Packham (Scientists).
The Live Final will be hosted by two well-known presenters, who will be announced later in January, and joined by special guests to discuss the final Icons.

Date: Tuesday 5 February
Venue: indigo at The O2, London
Tickets validated from: 5pm
Doors open: 7pm
Live final starts: 9pm
Dress code: smart

To apply for tickets visit

**Please note that photographic ID is required for entry to ALL recordings. Visit our FAQs to see what is accepted.**

We'd love you to join us!

BBC Shows and Tours 

FORTNUM & MASON - Our Valentine’s Gift Guide is here!


In the mood for love...
Whether the apple of your eye is a true foodie, globetrotting explorer or loves nothing more than a royal pampering, Fortnum’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has everything to make your special someone weak at the knees.
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Find every action-ready surprise for your wild-at-heart partner in crime this Valentine's Day.

Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. to pay tribute to Stan Lee at Excelsior! A Stan Lee Celebration

Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. to pay tribute to  Stan Lee at Excelsior! A Stan Lee Celebration

Fans attending Marvel S.T.A.T.I.O.N. have been signing a memorial book which will be presented at the all-star tribute event in LA

16th January, 2018: London, UK - Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. have revealed that they will be paying tribute to the life of Marvel's Stan Lee by presenting a Memorial Book which fans have been signing. The book will be presented as a part of Excelsior! A Stan Lee Celebration, the official Stan Lee Tribute event, taking place in LA on the 30th January to commemorate the life of the creator of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and the X-Men.

Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. organisers Creative Director Nathan Stone from The MJR Group  "It's an honour to bring some of Stan Lee's creations to life in London.  He will be remembered by Millions of fans and collecting some of their thoughts is the least we could do to celebrate such an icon."

Excelsior! A Stan Lee Celebration will be a combination of a daytime event for fans followed by an evening tribute for both fans and VIPS, held at the iconic Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Film director and fan-favourite Kevin Smith will host a series of conversations about Stan with celebrity guests including Mark Hamill, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefield and Shield’s Clark Gregg.  Fan-owned entertainment company Legion M and production and consulting agency Agents of Mayhem will produce the event in partnership with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment.

Scott D. Williams, CEO of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment said, “We are honored for this chance for Stan’s fans and friends to come together in a celebration of his remarkable life. Despite his passing, Stan’s name, work and legacy will continue to flourish and be revealed to the world. We are committed to honor Stan’s extraordinary life and work.” 

The book is available for one final week at S.T.A.T.I.O.N. at the ExCeL London before being sent across to LA for the Tribute Event.  For those in Los Angeles, tickets to the tribute are available at

The book is available for one final week at S.T.A.T.I.O.N. at the ExCeL London before being sent across to LA for the Tribute Event.

About S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is an acronym for Science Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network, where guests will step inside the popular films and become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline, whether trying to lift Thor’s hammer or taking a sneaky peak at Bruce Banners Lab.
Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. with Agent Maria Hill
As part of their training, fans will get the opportunity to interact with props and characters straight from the big screen.
Highlights include:
  • The Thor Observatory – dedicated to Thor Odinson, King of Asgard and son of Odin. Test your worthiness by attempting to lift Thor’s hammer, Mj√∂lnir, view Thor’s outfits and study the universe and its current parameters using NASA’s EYE on the exoplanets program.
  • Check out Captain America’s personnel file and explore the cutting-edge science that made Steve Rogers into Captain America.
  • Iron Man Engineering Bay – trainee agents have the chance to not only get up close and personal with Iron Man’s iconic suits of armour but also experience what simulated flight inside the suit would be like.
  • Ever wondered what Bruce Banner’s Lab looks like? Explore the Bio Lab transformation of Dr Banners superior brain as he morphs into The Hulk. 
In a world first, and keeping up with the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, London’s Marvel’s Avengers Station experience includes never before seen character displays on Black Panther, The Wasp, and Thanos.

The experience has provided a super-powered dose of science and technology by NASA to enhance the authenticity of the experience and pique visitors' interest in real-world science and technology. With comprehensive educational materials available for teachers, plus supporting materials created by Quantum Victoria, it is a thrilling learning experience for high school kids to follow STEM pathways by amplifying the scientific themes and characters that are core to Marvel’s storytelling.

Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. debuts a huge collection of Avengers movie-based props and interactive technology for a strictly limited time at ExCeL London.

There will also be the opportunity to purchase exclusive Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. merchandise available for those with and without a ticket.
Train like an Avenger and become an official S.T.A.T.I.O.N. agent - London Assemble Now!

Tickets for Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. at ExCeL London are on sale here:


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Cinema Museum - Kennington Noir, Kennington Classics, Baby Face, Kennington Bioscope

Road House (1948) January 16th

From Here to Eternity (1953) January 20th

Baby Face (1933) January 22nd

Still the Enemy Within (2014) January 23rd

Mother (1926) January 30th

Sell-Off: The Abolition of Your NHS (2014)
plus Q&A January 31st
Kennington Noir presents Road House (1948),
Wednesday, January 16th @ 7:30pm
Kennington Noir presents Road House (1948), directed by Jean Negulesco, and starring Ida Lupino, Cornel Wilde, Celeste Holm and Richard Widmark.
Jefty (Richard Widmark), the owner of a road house bar in a backwoods town hires sultry, tough-talking torch singer Lily Stevens (Ida Lupino) against the advice of his manager Pete Morgan (Cornel Wilde).
Plus full supporting programme.
Tickets £6
Kennington Classics presents From Here to Eternity (1953),
Sunday January 20th @ 2:30pm
Winner of 8 Academy Awards, Fred Zinnemann’s version of James Jones’s celebrated novel stars Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed.
The film follows three U.S. Army soldiers stationed on Hawaii in the months leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Full supporting programme.
Tickets £6
Women & Cocaine Presents Baby Face (1933), Tue Jan 22nd @ 7:30pm
Women & Cocaine Presents is a new film night at the Cinema Museum to celebrate the fierce and liberated women of Pre-Code cinema.
Barbara Stanwyck plays Lily Powers, brought up by her sleazy single father in an even sleazier bar somewhere in the sticks. When he dies and she is left alone, her mentor advises her to use her feminine powers and go to the big city.
Reserved tickets £10.02 available from Eventbrite.
Screening of Still the Enemy Within (2014), Wednesday January 23rd @ 7:30pm
This award winning documentary tells the story of the year long strike in the miners own words. Director Owen Gower takes a gritty, emotional story and skilfully blends archive footage and photos into an entertaining and uplifting film.
Film screening and Q&A with executive producer Mike Simons. Organised by Camberwell and Peckham CLP.
Tickets £5. Advance tickets may be purchased from Eventbrite.
Kennington Bioscope presents Mother (1926), Wed Jan 30th @ 7:30pm
Kevin Brownlow will present his own 16mm copy of Pudovkin’s Mother(1926), based on Maxim Gorky’s novel about a family torn apart by a worker’s strike set during the 1905 Russian Revolution. At first, the mother wants to protect her family from the troublemakers, but eventually she realizes that her son is right and the workers should strike.
£5. Seats are limited, so please request an invitation using the email
Screening of Sell-Off: The Abolition of Your NHS (2014) and Q&A,
Thursday January 31st @ 7:30pm
Peter Bach’s film Sell-Off charts how the government have dismantled our health service over a 30 year period. The film will be followed by a Q&A, led by Dr Bob Gill, one of the campaigners involved in making this film. The Q&A will seek to update people as to the situation today, and inform as to what we can do to save what’s left of our NHS.
Tickets £5

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Save big this January with up to 50% off in Hamleys Super Sale!

Save up to 50% off Super Sale
Enjoy up to 50% off Toys and Games, in-store and online, with the Hamleys Super Sale!

Hamleys Magic Music Touch Game, Now only £7.50
Transforming your average child into a walking, talking (and giggling) musical instrument! This awesome Magic Music Touch Me creates sounds and melodies simply by touching your co-player - it gives a whole new meaning to the game pass-the-parcel and the faster you tap, the quicker the tune is played! Kids can play with anything from their nose to their feet so you can imagine the happy chaos that will ensue when you introduce this at a party. The light and sound features stimulate the senses and help to develop 3 key senses; hearing, sight and touch. Plays 8 classical melodies, 7 percussion sounds and 7 animal sounds.
Red 5 Vizor Glasses Pro, Only £15!
The ultra-comfortable 3D immersive Red 5 Vizor Glasses Pro is an incredible 360 experience with ultra-wide viewing and augmented gaming functionality - perfect for Pokemon Go! For the first time ever, the virtual world has become available to us all, with virtual reality headsets enabling us to experience a world that weve only ever seen before in futuristic sci-fi. So if you fancy swimming in a coral reef, being chased by a T-Rex or riding a rollercoaster from the comfort of your home, then the Vizor Glasses Pro virtual reality headset can make it possible! Compatible with nearly all smartphones, this headset is designed to deliver an amazing 360 viewing experience combined with luxurious comfort and functionality. Immerse yourself in a virtual world by watching your favourite 3D movies, play interactive augmented or virtual reality games and experience awe inspiring 360-degree viewing.

Three-Course Brunch with Free-Flowing Prosecco for One or Two at Mercante Restaurant (Up to 21% Off)

Three-Course Brunch with Prosecco

About Mercante Restaurant

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Mercante Restaurant is the perfect space for bringing friends and family together, with a large dining room and south-facing terrace to accommodate all types of occasion - from an intimate dinner date to a large celebration. The menu will change regularly to reflect everyday market food and “Per Oggi”. The menu has been created by Head Chef Davide D’ignazio, a young talent who is producing dishes that elevate the fantastic produce of his home country. Using his creative flair and knowledge, he has brought together a range of dishes that represent Italy as a whole, with different regions being pulled together in one kitchen.

Choose Between Two Options

Includes an Italian home-style semi-buffet brunch with free-flowing Prosecco for each guest.

Four or Six Cocktails at the 5* Courthouse Hotel, Jailhouse Bar (up to 62% Off)

Four or Six Cocktails, Shoreditch

About Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

Located in the centre of Shoreditch, famed for its buzzing nightlife and eccentric charm, this five star hotel strives to combine the grandeur of a Grade II listed baroque-style building with personalised service. The establishment boasts 128 guest rooms and suites, a restaurant, three bars including event spaces, a large screening room, a two-lane bowling alley and spa zone equipped with a fitness suite and pool.

Choose Between Two Options

Monday, 14 January 2019

Adams Antiques Fairs - Our first antiques fair of 2019 at The Royal Horticultural Halls

It's almost time for the first of our antiques fairs at The Royal Horticultural Halls for the new year!  Come along this Sunday,  we'll be joined by 140 dealers selling fine antiques from across the UK.  
Tickets are available on the day or in advance below.
10AM - 4.30PM
The Royal Horticultural Hall,  Lindley Hall,  80 Vincent Square,  Westminster,  London SW1P 2PE
£4 entry- tickets available on the door or in advance (with booking fee)
Nearest Tube: Victoria/ St James's Park

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Sunday, 13 January 2019

V&A Museum of Childhood - We have a mission for you

V&A Museum of Childhood
A Pirate's Life for Me

What kinds of treasures were pirates interested in?
Is it true that they kept parrots as pets? 

Visit our immersive exhibition to find out and see historical objects, such as gold coins from the 1790s that were sure to lure greedy pirates.

Until 22 April, free admission