Monday 26 February 2024

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The London Underground map was first designed by Harry Beck in 1931 and has evolved many times over the years to its current version today.  

It’s not just a map used by people in London daily but is a design classic instantly recognisable as a symbol of London around the world. 
Check out our most popular products featuring the Underground map, including posters and prints, unique homeware and gifts any London transport fan will love.
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Underground map posters
London Underground tube map poster A2
Underground Map A2 Poster
First column image
Harry Beck Underground Map, 1933
Underground Map, Harry Beck 1933
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Underground map homeware
Underground Map Mug
Underground Map Mug
First column image
Underground Map Tea Towel
Underground Map Tea Towel
Underground map microfibre towel
Underground Map Microfibre Beach Towel
First column image
Underground Double Oven Gloves
Underground Map Double Oven Gloves
Underground Map Shower Curtain
Underground Map Shower Curtain
Underground Map Duvet Set
From £20
TfL London Underground Duvet Set
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Underground map gifts
Underground Map Glasses Case 
Underground Map Glasses Case 
First column image
1000 Piece Jigsaw New Underground Map
New Underground Map 1000 Piece Jigsaw
Embroidery Kit 1933 Tube Map
Embroidery Kit 1933 Tube Map
First column image
London Underground Folding Bag
Underground Folding Bag
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Mapping London: the iconic Tube map
B/W print; Underground map - staff member poses with brush, 1960 © TfL from London Transport Museum’s collection.
B/W print; Underground map - staff member poses with brush, 1960 © TfL from London Transport Museum’s collection.
London’s diagrammatic Underground map, first devised in 1931 by Harry Beck, can truly be described as a design classic. Over time, the map has evolved from tracing the first railways in the Capital to encompassing an integrated network that covers ever growing distances. Today it is distributed for free by Transport for London (TfL) and appears in different formats.

Despite being under the eyes of passengers daily, the story of this iconic map is difficult to appreciate at first glance. Click on the button below to read more about the iconic Tube map.
Mapping London: the iconic tube map 
Poster artist of the month: Abram Games
Our second poster artist of the month is Abram Games, who designed posters for London Transport from 1937 to 1976. In 1942, he was appointed an official war poster artist, and created around 100 posters promoting the war effort.

Games developed his stylised designs by sketching them in miniature to check the impact they would make at a distance. You can explore his sketches and artworks in our Global Poster Gallery.
Learn more about Abram Games
30 x 40 print of Abram Games London Zoo in a white frame on a white background with wooden table and dried grass
Shop this poster commissioned by London Transport in 1976, designed by Abram Games to promote London Zoo.
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Afternoon Tea Bus With Panoramic Tour Of London - Golden Tours

 From £35 instead of £44.10 for up to two lower deck tickets to afternoon tea bus with a glass of prosecco and a panoramic tour of London with Golden Tours or from £42 for upper deck option - save up to 21%


Friday 23 February 2024

Borough Market - Bearing fruit


Bearing fruit

Greengrocer Michael Hickson has been part of the Borough Market community for over two decades, working on the Elsey & Bent stand. Now he has a business of his own, Hickson & Daughter, which opened in Three Crown Square this month. Michael has been talking to us about his approach to sourcing seasonal produce, the importance of including his daughter in the stand’s name, and how working at the Market changed his life.
Read now

Keep it real

This week is Real Bread Week, the annual celebration of bread made the age-old, additive-free way. Borough abounds with real bakers – and so does our content archive. On our website, Olivier Favrel of Olivier’s Bakery explains why there are no shortcuts to baking good bread. For baking with a Baltic influence, Nadia Gencas of Karaway Bakery explores the rich potential of rye. And if you want to have a go at making some real bread of your own, we have Bread Ahead Bakery & School’s recipe for a no-knead sourdough.


Mussels, cheddar, cider, cream, mustard & thyme

A simple shellfish dish from the chef behind Edinburgh’s acclaimed Cafe St Honore restaurant.

Jollof spiced guinea fowl

A richly aromatic, west African-inspired alternative to a regular Sunday roast from the author of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen.


Wine bar and small plates restaurant Elliot’s uses seasonal produce to create simple, flavoursome dishes, many of them cooked over a wood-fired grill. The inventive drinks list showcases a diversity of wines sourced from farmers who grow organically or biodynamically.

Bedales of Borough

Bedales of Borough is a wine shop, wine bar and bistro offering a well-chosen, ever-changing selection of high-quality wine to take away or drink in. Drinks are accompanied by a range of seasonal small plates, including cheese and charcuterie sourced from the Market.

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London Transport Museum - Discover our new Hidden London station: Holborn


London Transport Museum
Holborn station platform, with black and white tiled floor and roundel on wall
Be the first to join our new tour of Holborn!
Join us this summer to uncover the secrets of Holborn station, a busy interchange at the heart of London. Step behind concealed doors with one of our expert tour guides and into the expansive disused areas that lie behind Holborn, some not seen by the public in nearly 30 years.
Holborn: The Secret Platforms
Tour guide shining torch into black-walled Underground tunnel as tour group look along the train tracks
Group of people in a curving tunnel illuminated by open doors
Originally opened in 1906, Holborn station sheltered staff during the Blitz, and is currently part of a massive project to upgrade the London Underground signalling system. Discover the rarely seen Aldwych crossover junction, enjoy an unexpected view of the Piccadilly line and explore the two closed platforms of the former Aldwych branch, complete with vintage posters, original Leslie Green Edwardian design, and an original early 20th century signalling cabin. 

Dates: August 2024, individual dates to be confirmed next week
Hidden London upcoming tours: tickets on sale next week
How to book dates for more Hidden London tours
As a subscriber, you'll get 24 hours early access to book tickets for even more Hidden London tours behind the scenes at stations on London's Tube network. Keep an eye on your inbox next Tuesday 20 February at 10am.
Can’t wait until then? The last remaining tickets for February and March tours are available on our website.
All Hidden London tours by date
Browse tours by location
Baker Street: The World's First Underground
Join us to discover the origins of the world’s first Underground network. This tour will take you on a historical journey through the 160 years of the station, starting with the early days of Victorian underground steam travel and ending in the busy station of 10 platforms and five Underground lines that it is today.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 3 April - 12 May and 21 August - 29 September
Tour guide using torch to direct tour group's attention up to arched ceiling in station
Baker Street
Euston: The Lost Tunnels
Discover a labyrinth of dark and dusty passageways once used by the travelling public, and preserved vintage advertising poster fragments concealed for over 50 years.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 3 July - 4 August
Two people looking at posters in Euston station
Aldwych: The End of the Line
Explore one of the former termini of the Piccadilly line – the ticket hall, the original lifts, abandoned platforms and tunnels, and inter-connecting walkways – including some that are very rarely seen by the public.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 3 - 28 April and 3 July - 18 August
Group of people on Underground station platform taking photos of historic advertising posters
Clapham South: Subterranean Shelter
Opened to the public in July 1944, Clapham South deep-level shelter has over a mile of subterranean passageways that reveal the extraordinary stories of those who sheltered here, from Londoners seeking refuge during the Second World War, to hopeful Caribbean migrants arriving on the Empire Windrush, and even thrifty visitors to the Festival of Britain.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 15 May - 2 June
A person walks through a circular tunnel with a sign on the right hand side
Clapham South
Charing Cross: Access All Areas
Explore the top filming location of the Charing Cross platforms closed to the public since 1999 - and walk underneath Trafalgar Square, around the base of Nelson's Column.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 12 June - 28 July

Enjoy an unmissable day out, starting with our exclusive Hidden London tour of Charing Cross and ending with a classic afternoon tea at one of London’s greatest 19th century railway hotels. 

Dates: Fridays & Sundays from 14 June - 28 July

A blurred human figure walks off an empty Underground station platform with yellow and orange walls and Charing Cross roundels
Charing Cross
Charing Cross Tour & Afternoon Tea
Piccadilly Circus: The Heart of London
Go behind secret doors to passageways and lift shafts closed to the public since 1929. Discover original Edwardian design features, and fascinating stories of wartime sheltering and top-secret storage of priceless artefacts.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 1 May - 16 June and 18 - 29 September

Upgrade your experience, starting with our exclusive Hidden London tour of Piccadilly Circus and ending with a delicious lunch surrounded by a world of music and iconic memorabilia at the famous Hard Rock Cafe.

Dates: Wednesdays & Thursdays from 1 May - 16 June and 18 - 26 September 

Two people chatting in a tunnel with tiled walls
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus Tour & Hard Rock Cafe Lunch
Down Street: Churchill's Secret Station
Closed to the public since 1932, Down Street was covertly transformed into the Railway Executive Committee’s headquarters during the Second World War. Experience the warren of tunnels where Prime Minister Winston Churchill secretly took refuge at the height of the Blitz.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 3 April - 26 May, 19 - 30 June, and 24 July - 15 September

Enhance your experience by following our Hidden London tour of Down Street with a refreshing cocktail at the Flemings Mayfair hotel, where spies were once rumoured to meet.

Dates: Fridays & Saturdays from 5 April - 25 May, 21 - 29 June, and 26 July - 14 September

Two people shining a torch into a dark circular tunnel
Down Street
Down Street Tour & Cocktail Experience
Walking tour: Secrets of Central London
Join our friendly expert guides on a tour of Covent Garden, Kingsway, Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Victoria Embankment, venturing down hidden back streets to discover how the area has transformed and learn about the feats of engineering that have shaped London.

Dates: Every other Friday from 19 April - 16 August Saturdays from 13 April - 21 September
Every other Sunday from 28 April - 29 September
View of the back of a tour guide wearing a Hidden London polo shirt, gesturing at London street and red postbox, surrounded by a group of people
Walking tour