Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cutty Sark Admission - Visit Greenwich

Cutty Sark - www.all-about-london.com
Cutty Sark - www.all-about-london.com

Admission aboard the Cutty Sark
Take in the spectacular views over the River the Thames
Cutty Sark
Following an ambitious six-year conservation project, Cutty Sark reopened in April 2012.
The ship has been raised over three metres allowing visitors the unique and jaw-dropping experience of walking underneath a nineteenth-century sailing ship, the last surviving tea clipper and the fastest and greatest of her time

A completely new and immersive experience allows visitors to venture both underneath and aboard this iconic sailing ship. Innovative exhibits and interactive displays evoke the sights, smells and sounds of life at sea and tell the ship’s fascinating 144-year history, bringing to life the romance, danger and adventure of life under sail. Cutty Sark’s original wooden planks and iron frames that crossed the China Seas have been meticulously conserved giving visitors the opportunity to touch a piece of history.

Come on board and put yourself in the shoes of the crew who sailed this world-famous ship around the world over a century ago.

Don’t Miss…
Meet the crew every weekend and during the school holidays
Venture beneath the towering masts which carry over 11 miles of rigging
Walk underneath the ship and look up at the elegant lines of the ship’s streamlined hull
Touch the original structure of the ship dating back from when she was built
Explore the lower hold where precious cargo was stored
Steer a course from Sydney to London against Captain Woodget
Look up your family name in the crew list
Take the helm at the captain’s wheel
Meet the world’s largest collection of figureheads
Have a cup of Cutty Sark-inspired tea under the hull of the ship in The Even Keen Café
Enjoy family activities the first weekend of each month and during school holidays
Take in the spectacular views over the River Thames from the main deck

Cutty Sark - www.all-about-london.com
Cutty Sark - www.all-about-london.com