Tuesday 22 January 2019

Small Group Spy & Espionage Tour of London

Experience a side of London that few encounter - the dark, secret world of international espionage. Discover the real-life sites, both past and present, used as headquarters for Britain's top intelligence service and infamous double agents.

Gain an insight into Cold War espionage in London
Discover the real-life sites used as the headquarters for MI6
Learn how the various intelligence services operate today
Hear fascinating tales of treachery, tragedy and subterfuge
Learn about double agents who passed secrets to the Soviet Union
Explore the shadowy world and gain a new perspective of London that few know or ever hear about - a tale of treachery, tragedy and subterfuge.

Learn about Britain's top intelligence agencies and the different roles they play in protecting the country. See the home of MI6- famously featured in several James Bond movies - the headquarters of MI5 and visit the public 'dead drop' sites where spies exchanged top-secret information. Discover the locations used by Intelligence Services to recruit their agents, and be shaken and stirred by the stories of some of Britain's most infamous traitors and double agents.

This tour will finish in style at the St Ermin's Hotel; former headquarter of MI6, where an original coded message written on silk hangers in the lobby - hunt it down and try to crack the code. Enjoy a vodka martini in the hotel's Caxton Bar where, in the 1950s, Guy Burgess handed over top-secret papers to his Russian handler.

What's Included
Vodka Martini (or soft drink)
Luxury 16 seater coach
Professional tour guide
Personal Audio Headset