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London Transport Museum
Water-damaged Tube roundel sign on brick wall for Baker Street
Your chance to explore behind the scenes at Baker Street
Next week, you'll be able to book even more tours behind the scenes at stations on London's Tube network - including our brand new tour through 160 years of history at one of the very first stations on the Underground ... Baker Street

You'll journey from the earliest days of Victorian underground steam travel through to today's busy station, with its 10 platforms and five Underground lines.
How to book
As a subscriber, you'll get 24 hours early access to book tickets. Keep an eye on your inbox next Tuesday 11 July at 10am.
Can’t wait until then? The last remaining tickets for summer tours are available on our website.
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Baker Street: The World's First Underground
Guide wearing polo shirt with roundel on talking animatedly to smiling group of people in an underground room
Tour guide wearing orange high vis vest ushers a group through a door inside a station, with a Baker Street sign in the foreground
Join us to discover the origins of the world’s first Underground network. Opened in 1863 as part of the Metropolitan Railway, Baker Street was home to the launch of a revolutionary idea – carrying passengers beneath Victorian London’s congested streets. You’ll be taken to closed-off parts of the station including some areas last opened to the public in 1945, from original platforms to disused lift shafts and corridors hidden in plain sight.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 6 September - 17 December
Thursdays from 21 - 28 December

Baker Street
Down Street: Churchill's Secret Station
Experience the warren of narrow tunnels where the nation’s railways were coordinated during the Second World War, and where Churchill secretly took refuge during the Blitz.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 30 August - 24 September

Upgrade your experience with our classic Hidden London tour of Down Street followed by an exclusive Churchill-themed cocktail and tasty nibbles in a stylish hotel bar nearby, where spies were once rumoured to meet.

Dates: Fridays & Saturdays from 1 - 23 September
A dimly lit staircase at Down Street
Down Street
Down Street Tour & Cocktail Experience
Euston: The Lost Tunnels
Discover a labyrinth of dark and dusty passageways once used by the travelling public, and preserved vintage advertising poster fragments concealed for over 50 years.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 4 October - 12 November
Two people looking at posters in Euston station
Moorgate: Metropolitan Maze
Explore a maze of disused tunnels, abandoned track and see a complete Greathead shield from 1904, the only one of its kind on the London Underground Network.

Dates: Fridays - Sundays from 30 August - 3 September
Wednesdays - Fridays 20-29 December
Two people take a selfie in an industrial tunnel in front of a man looking at a huge fan
Aldwych: The End of the Line
Explore one of the former termini of the Piccadilly line – the ticket hall, the original lifts, abandoned platforms and tunnels, and inter-connecting walkways – including some that are very rarely seen by the public.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 15 November - 17 December
A person shining a torch up a large air vent shaft
Charing Cross: Access All Areas
Explore the top filming location of the Charing Cross platforms closed to the public since 1999 - and walk underneath Trafalgar Square, around the base of Nelson's Column.

Dates: Wednesdays - Sundays from 8 November - 17 December
Wednesdays & Fridays from 20 - 29 December
A blurred human figure walks off an empty Underground station platform with yellow and orange walls and Charing Cross roundels
Charing Cross
Walking tour: Secrets of Central London
Join our friendly, expert guides on a tour of Covent Garden, Kingsway, Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Victoria Embankment, venturing down hidden back streets to discover how the area has transformed and learn about the feats of engineering that have shaped London.

Dates: Every other Saturday from 9 September - 16 December
Every other Sunday from 3 September - 10 December
View of the back of a tour guide wearing a Hidden London polo shirt, gesturing at London street and red postbox, surrounded by a group of people
Walking tour
Virtual tour: Discovering the Forgotten Underground
Join us on this virtual journey through 160 years of the London Underground network’s history, led by an expert guide. Discover exclusive documents from our archives, and glimpses into several Hidden London sites from the comfort of your own home.

Dates: One Sunday a month from 10 September - 17 December
Tube 160 heart shaped roundel
Virtual tour
Secrets of the London Underground is back tonight!
Watch Siddy Holloway, co-developer of our Hidden London tours, and historian Tim Dunn as they explore the Tube network in the third series of Secrets of the London Underground - starting today (Tuesday 4 July) at 8pm on UKTV's Yesterday channel!
Two smiling people in a circular underground tunnel lined with metal
Secrets of the London Underground

National Army Museum July Newsletter


Welcome to Your July 2023 Event Highlights

Sculptor Ian Wolter with a clay bust and model


7 July 2023, 11.00am - 3.00pm


The National Army Museum has commissioned the award-winning sculptor, Ian Wolter, to create a new bronze portrait bust of a serving Grenadier Guardsman for its collection.

Work began on the new sculture last week and on Friday 7 July Ian will return to the Museum to showcase the progress of the bust’s creation.


Highlight Events