Friday 31 July 2015

The Lost Hour, Greenwich - Watch The Community Shield this Sunday at The Lost Hour, Greenwich

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The season begins

The season begins

Join Us - this Sunday at 3pm to watch Arsenal Vs Chelsea LIVE in the Community Shield at Wembley.
This year’s Community Shield is to be the most anticipated in years, so don’t miss out on the action!
Could this year be Arsenal’s chance to finally land their first Premier League title in over 10 years, or will the reigning champions, Chelsea, remain the team to beat? Both teams will see the game as the springboard for the season ahead, and won’t want to give any psychological advantage away so early in the campaign.
It promises to be a fantastic game, and a fabulous season ahead. Book now to make sure you have the best seat in the house!
Look forward to seeing you this Sunday!
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New Baby Sloth at ZSL London Zoo

Zookeeper Kelly-Anne Kelleher, with the help of a special teddy-bear, has taken on the role of surrogate mum to ZSL London Zoo’s newest arrival; a tiny baby sloth.
The seven-week-old two-toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus), born to second-time parents Marilyn and Leander, needed a helping hand when his mum stopped producing milk, and was unable to care for her infant.
Keepers have named the young male Edward after Johnny Depp’s famous character, Edward Scissorhands, due to his impressive claws - which will grow up to four inches in length and enable him to cling on and climb easily through the tree-top branches of his Rainforest Life home.
To help build up the muscles that Edward would normally use holding on to mum, keeper Kelly-Anne customised his sloth-teddy with carabiners so that it can be hung from a branch, enabling the youngster to climb on and strengthen his little limbs.
The nocturnal mammals, native to South America, are notoriously slow, and baby Edward is no exception, with Kelly-Anne often having to wait for him to stir from a deep slumber before being able to feed him.
Kelly-Anne said: “We’re bottle-feeding Edward every three hours with goat’s milk, topped up with some vitamins to keep him fit and healthy.
“Just like with human baby formula, we heat it up until it’s at room temperature, and test its warmth on our wrists – it took him a few days to get used to the bottle, but now he’s hungrily suckling as soon as we give it to him.
“If he’s feeling particularly hungry he makes a very funny noise to let us know – a sound somewhere between a squeak and a sneeze, but it’s very loud and he makes his point!”
Keeping detailed records on everything the infant does, from eating to sleeping, zookeeper Kelly-Anne even logs Edward’s potty-habits. Sloths leave their high tree-top habitats only once a week to go to the toilet, so by keeping track of his poop, Edward’s keepers can account for any weight losses or gains.
A valuable addition to the European breeding programme for his species, Edward’s details will be added to the international studbook, which is shared with zoos around the world. 

Museum of London - August news: Gladiators, Suffragettes and archaeological revelations

Our Roman Summer continues throughout August with the unveiling of a new display exploring evidence of gladiators, criminals and soldiers in and around Roman London. The display includes the 2,000 year old skulls of five men likely to have met their end in the city's amphitheatre. A series of exciting events accompanies the display.

What's new this month?

Come with us as we reveal the remains of Londinium all around the City of London with a guided walk, and tours of the military fort gate and rarely opened Billingsgate Roman House & Baths.

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Get kitted up with trowel and hard hat and search for artefacts just like real archaeologists to put together the evidence of the world of early Londoners at this free family experience at the Museum of London.
Win Gladiator Games tickets and a copy of Eagles at War
To celebrate the opening of the Gladiator Games on 8 Aug we're offering lucky winners the chance to bag a pair of tickets to the live action spectacular in the Guildhall Yard, and a copy of Ben Kane's novel Eagles at War.                  
Snap happy summer holiday
Explore the work of Christina Broom through crafts, digital sessions and art workshops with family events looking at her amazing photographs and exploring the stories of her subjects at the Museum of London Docklands from 15-22 Aug.
Follow in the footsteps of pioneering photographer Christina Broom with our instagramming competition. Seek out the spots she snapped to create street photography with today's technology.

Time for quick visit?
Drop in to Show Space at the Museum of London to see recently acquired objects . This month we present First World War women’s uniforms followed by items from Brian Haw’s protest camp.

With the arrival of the Gladiator Games this summer, curators Meriel Jeater and Dr Rebecca Redfern look at the history of London's only Roman amphitheatre, located in the Guildhall Yard, and evidence of gladiatorial battle in London.    


'Blue moon' to be visible above London as rare phenomenon set to occur on Friday night

Londoners are set to catch a glimpse of a rare 'blue moon' above the capital on Friday night.
The unusual phenomenon is when a second full moon appears within a calendar month - though the moon will not appear a different colour.
Blue moons occur because although a calendar month lasts from 28 to 31 days, a lunar month - the time interval between two full moons - is always 29.53 days long.
A blue moon will be visible over London tomorrow (Picture: Jeremy Selwyn)

Londoners are set to catch a glimpse of a rare 'blue moon' above the capital on Friday night.
The unusual phenomenon is when a second full moon appears within a calendar month - though the moon will not appear a different colour.
Blue moons occur because although a calendar month lasts from 28 to 31 days, a lunar month - the time interval between two full moons - is always 29.53 days long.
They are not quite as rare as other lunar events, but are still fairly unusual as they only occur every two to three years.
The lunar event taking place on Friday night will be the first blue moon to occur since September 2012 - and the next one will not happen until January 31, 2018.
Astronomer Dr Radmila Topalovic, from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said blue moons occur because lunar months do not match calendar months exactly.
She said: "A blue moon is an extra full moon. You expect to see one full moon in a month, but you have blue moon when you have 13 full moons instead of 12 in a year.
"The phrase once in a blue moon refers to the fact that something is rare, but it's confusing because it's not blue - it looks the same as any other full moon."
She said that there are varying explanations as to how the phrase 'blue moon' came about, but it could have stemmed from historic volcanic eruptions, the dust from which can cause the moon to appear blue.
Dr Topalovic said the best time to view the moon would be at around midnight.
She said: "It looks like it's going to be clear, so we should be able to see it, the full moon will be at its highest at around midnight.
"It only happens every two or three years - you have to wait a while until you end up with an extra moon in your year.
"It doesn't look blue, that's the important point, but you get a second chance to see a full moon in a month, so it's pretty cool."

Paddington station to undergo £20m revamp which is set to take 18 months to complete

Work has begun on a revamp costing up to £20 million at one of London's busiest and most iconic transport hubs.
Network Rail says about £15 to £20 million will be spent on renovating Paddington station's waiting areas, shops and restaurants.
The transport body today released digitally created images showing how the Grade I listed station will look like once the work is complete

An impression of how Paddington will look after the revamp (Picture: Network Rail)

The project will take about 18 months and include the installation of a new clear glass roof which will allow sunlight to flood into the station, as well cleaning and repainting of pillars and steelwork.

New images show revamped Paddington station

The revamp is costing up to £20 million (Picture: Network Rail)More seating will be installed to help the station cope with the growing numbers of passengers - forecast to reach 61 million this year, nearly the population of the UK.
A spokeswoman for Network Rail said the work will "significantly improve the station’s facilities and provide passengers with a better travelling experience".
Trains will not be affected, it said.

'Brilliant Weather' For Visibility

London's Air Ambulance tweets: The weather & visibility today are brilliant for our low level flying #YourHelicopterLive
London skyline

Thursday 30 July 2015

Mission Impossible - Rouge Nation - Film Poster - Film Trailer - Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg Spy Movie HD

After the events of Ghost Protocol, the IMF is being disbanded, and all its agents find themselves without the safety of their group identity. Ethan Hunt however, is nowhere to be found, and the CIA begin to ask questions.
Turns out he’s off investigating the mysterious organisation of assassins known as the Syndicate. After a run-in with some seriously shady characters, he manages to break out with the assistance of an unknown agent who he is forced to trust on the spot.
Back with his former IMF colleagues, Ethan reports that the Syndicate is very much real and in full operation, with their mission being to take down the IMF completely. With their safety compromised, Ethan and the team must figure out a way to stop the Syndicate before they wreak havoc and destroy them all for good.
The fifth instalment of the Mission: Impossible franchise sees Tom Cruise return to one of his most famous roles, accompanied by Jeremy Renner (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Simon Pegg (The World’s End), and Alec Baldwin (Still Alice). Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is a thrilling action adventure that is sure to thrill and amaze.

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Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek items up for auction

Memorabilia from the some of the world’s most famous films is going under the hammer at an auction held inside a cinema.
Lots including Leonard Nimoy’s Spock costume from Star Trek and a dalek from Doctor Who will be offered for sale at the auction at London’s BFI Imax cinema.
Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek items up for auction
Leonard’s costume is expected to fetch £70,000, while a Stormtrooper helmet from The Empire Strikes Back could go for as much as £60,000.
Fans will be allowed to get a glimpse of the collection at the cinema, in Waterloo, ahead of the auction on September 23.
Among the 450 items up for sale is a Superman suit worn by Christopher Reeve, Angelina Jolie’s pistols from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Wolverine’s claws from X2: X-Men United, as worn by Hugh Jackman.
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s SFX Crane Chase jacket from Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow’s sword from Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, James Bond’s Hero P99 and Silencer from James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies and the Witch King’s Dagger from Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring are also going on sale.
Andy Edge, Commercial Director at Odeon UK and Ireland, said: “It’s very exciting to present these film mementos to the public, giving film fans the chance to pick up their own piece of Hollywood history.
“With this year’s film slate full of huge blockbusters, including; Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Everest, The Walk, Spectre and Star Wars: The Force Awakens – who knows what props will be sought after in the years to come.”
Spock's Star Trek costume
Spock’s Star Trek costume (Prop Store/Odeon/PA)
A Stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars
A Stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars (Prop Store/Odeon/PA)
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine claws
Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine claws (Prop Store/Odeon/PA)

London mayoral election: The contenders

The major parties have announced their shortlisted candidates for the London mayoral election in May 2016. Who are the runners and riders?

Conservative mayoral candidates

Andrew Boff, Zac Goldsmith, Stephen Greenhalgh and Syed Kamall


Andrew Boff: A member of the London Assembly and leader of the Conservative Group, Andrew Boff is an advocate of electoral reform who says he wants to "make London a more liveable place for families". He has stood unsuccessfully for mayor of Hackney and worked as an IT consultant.
Zac Goldsmith: The MP for Richmond upon Thames decided to stand for the mayoralty after getting the approval of constituents in a referendum. He is known for his opposition to a third runway at Heathrow and as a former editor of Ecologistmagazine. Some members of the Green Party have urged voters to consider him for their second-preference votes.
Stephen Greenhalgh: Another sitting Assembly Member and deputy mayor for policing, Stephen Greenhalgh was previously a councillor for Hammersmith and Fulham. He reduced council tax five times during his leadership of the council, and has made cutting transport fares a key part of his mayoral bid.
Syed Kamall: An MEP since 2005, he is currently the leader of the Conservative Party in the European Parliament. He was an adviser to businesses on international strategy before becoming an MEP. Announcing his decision to stand, he paid tribute to his immigrant parents and said he wanted to ensure everyone benefited from London's prosperity.
Labour London mayoral candidates
Diane Abbott, Tessa Jowell, Sadiq Khan, David Lammy, Gareth Thomas and Christian Wolmar
Diane Abbott: The veteran MP has represented Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987. Despite a brief stint in the shadow cabinet, she is perhaps better-known for attacking Labour Party policy. She has emphasised the need for property revenues to be devolved to London, but does not support proposals for a mansion tax.
Dame Tessa Jowell: Before May, she had been the MP for Dulwich since 1992. A New Labour insider, she held ministerial positions under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and co-ordinated London's successful bid to host the 2012 Olympics. She has argued her track record in government would give her an advantage as mayor.
Sadiq Khan: The MP for Tooting and ally of former Labour leader Ed Miliband has been shadow justice secretary since 2010. He has come up with a host of pledges since he launched his candidacy, including quotas for black police officers in the Met and a ban on separate entrances for affordable housing.
David Lammy: The former minister for universities grew up in his Tottenham constituency and worked for his predecessor Bernie Grant before rising to ministerial positions in the Labour Party. He has been vocal about the need for social cohesion and economic opportunity in the wake of the 2011 riots, which began in Tottenham.
Gareth Thomas: The MP for Harrow West retained his marginal seat in May's election, and has spoken frequently about the need to reinvigorate outer London. He is also chair of the Labour-affiliated Co-operative Party and says he wants to bring values of "mutualism" to City Hall, as well as more powers to control private sector rents.
Christian Wolmar: Unique among the Labour hopefuls in never having been an MP, he is an established commentator and campaigner on transport improvements in the capital. He might be less well-known than other Labour contenders but he argues this puts him at an advantage because for him it is not a "career move".
Duwayne Brooks / Caroline Pidgeon
Duwayne Brooks and Caroline Pidgeon are among those who have applied to be the Lib Dem candidate

Liberal Democrats

Duwayne Brooks: Brooks was a friend of Stephen Lawrence who was with the teenager when he was murdered in 1993. He was a Lib Dem councillor for Lewisham between 2009 and 2014, and has recently criticised the police's undercover policing methods.
Brian Haley: The former Labour councillor for Haringey defected to the Lib Dems in 2010 and stood unsuccessfully for the Lib Dem nomination for the 2012 race. He has emphasised the need for the mayor to represent multicultural London.
Teena Lashmore: A criminologist and community activist who was the party's candidate in Bethnal Green and Bow in the general election. She has written about the need to make housing affordable for employees from all sectors.
Caroline Pidgeon: She is the leader of the Lib Dems on the London Assembly, leading their work on transport, policing and education in the capital. She launched her mayoral campaign from a nursery in Islington and is expected to make affordable childcare one of her key platforms.
Marisha Ray: A former Lib Dem councillor in Islington, she has also served on the NHS Trust board of University College Hospital. She took a lead on community safety as a councillor and has focused on the need to fight child poverty in London.
Paul Reynolds: A former councillor who has concentrated on problems posed by London's expanding population and falling relative average incomes.
Jonathan Bartley / Sian Berry
Two of the Greens' shortlisted candidates are Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry

Green Party

Jonathan Bartley: The director of Christian think tank Ekklesia stood for the Greens in Streatham in the general election. He says he wants to work for a "credible alternative to austerity".
Sian Berry: The Green councillor for Camden was the party's candidate for mayor back in 2008, and says she wants to find solutions to London's "inequality, dirty air, and a broken housing system".
Tom Chance: A spokesperson for the Greens and head of office for the party at the London Assembly. So far in the campaign he has concentrated on support for small businesses.
Benali Hamdache: The Greens' equalities spokesperson previously worked in the NHS on mental health research and has pledged to prioritise fighting unemployment among ethnic minorities.
Rashid Nix: A former cameraman who stood for the Greens in Dulwich and West Norwood, he has highlighted the need for civic engagement and higher voting turnout across London's communities.
Caroline Russell: The councillor for Islington and clean air campaigner has said she wants to show how London's economic prosperity can sit alongside a "green revolution".
Siobhan Benita, George Galloway and Lindsey Garrett
Siobhan Benita, George Galloway and Lindsey Garrett are all standing for mayor


Siobhan Benita: The former civil servant ran for mayor in 2012 with high-profile backers including former Cabinet Secretary Lord O'Donnell. She was the only candidate to back a third runway at Heathrow.
George Galloway: After losing his Bradford West seat in May, the Respect Party's George Galloway announced he would stand for mayor, vowing to clamp down on what he described as the "social cleansing" of the city.
Lindsey Garrett: A housing activist who, alongside Russell Brand, campaigned against the eviction of families from the New Era estate in Hoxton.
This page will be updated as candidates enter and leave the race.
Page update and source BBC News

Olympic Park Orbit tower slide plans given go ahead

Plans to create the world's "longest and tallest tunnel slide" down the Orbit Tower, next to the Olympic Stadium, have been approved.
The slide will measure 178m (584ft) in length, 76m (249ft) in height and the descent, through transparent sections to see out, will take 40 seconds, said the park.
It will open in Spring 2016 and cost around £5.
Park officials said it would give a "different perspective" of the tower.
Slide entrance
An option to abseil down the tower was announced last year
Peter Tudor, at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park said: "We are committed to ensuring our visitors have the best possible day out every time they visit, and as with all our venues, we are constantly exploring ways to ensure we lead the way with the latest visitor experience."
The decision was made at a Legacy Corporation Board planning meeting on Tuesday.
Turner Prize-winning artist Anish Kapoor and structural designer Cecil Balmond designed the tower for the 2012 Olympics.
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