Saturday 29 October 2011

Anne Boleyn's Ghost Haunting In London
Did you fall asleep on the platform.....Creep
Ghost On Camera At The London Dungeon.

Come close to the screen and you will see the image just up on the left of the top screen...

Ham House Haunted Stories London

Ham House Haunted Stories London

Ham House is located in Ham, Richmond-upon-Thames. In addition to the house, there is an orangey, icehouse, and dairy. This grand house as built along the Thames in 1610 for Sir Thomas Vavasour, who was the Knight Marshal to James I.
Sir Thomas died in 1620, the house was then occupied briefly by the Earl of Holdernesse before being given to William Murray in 1626. Murray was a close friend of King Charles I. When he died, the house was passed on to his oldest daughter, Elizabeth as was his title.
Elizabeth was described as being beautiful and smart, however she was also ruthless and greedy. It was said that even while married to her first husband, Sir Lionel Tollemache, 3rd Baronet, of Helmingham Hall in Suffolk, Elizabeth was seeing her future husband, John Maitland, 1st Duke of Lauderdale. The two eventually married after her first husband's death, and Duchess Elizabeth had Ham House remodelled and made larger.
Word of a haunting at Ham House first appeared in 1879. It was a written account by Augustus Hare. "There is a ghost at Ham. The old butler there had a little girl, she was then six years old. In the small hours of the morning, the child, waking up, saw a little old woman scratching with her finger against the wall close to the fireplace. She was not at all frightened at first but sat up to look at her. The noise she made in doing this caused the old woman to look round, she came to the foot of the bed and, grasping the rail, stared at the child long and fixedly. So horrible was her stare, that the child was terrified and screamed and hid her face. People ran in and the child told what she had seen. The wall was examined where she had seen the figure scratching, and concealed in it were papers, which proved that in that room, Elizabeth had murdered her first husband to marry the Duke of Lauderdale.

Haunted Ham House London

In more recent times Elizabeth's ghost has been seen wandering the corridors at night. In her latter years the Duchess used a cane at night to get around the house. Guests have reported hearing tapping in the corridors at night.
House steward Victoria Bradley has seen footprints at the bedchamber of the Duchess. After turning on the light, she said she saw footprints by the bed, facing the fireplace. There have also been footprints seen on the staircase. Others who work at the house have reported smelling pop tobacco in the dining room. Anne Partington-Omar, the manager of Ham House, who also lives there says there are things that have happened here that you just cannot explain.
Croydon resident Colin Iles, 30, visited Ham House on Monday, June 23, 2009, with his girlfriend Elaine Camera. Elaine described hearing a deep growl whilst on a tour of the lower floor. His girlfriend initially thought it was Colin's stomach and thought nothing of it, but as they went to leave the room, something compelled her to turn and take a photo.
Mr Iles said: "We were walking out and I just felt I should not be here. I had tingles down my body but my girlfriend felt the need to take a picture. "She has no idea why she did it but I'm glad she did." When the couple got home and uploaded the snap, they spotted a white, orb-like shape in the photo of the empty room.
Visitors and guests have reported seeing the ghost of a dog, a King Charles' cocker spaniel in the grounds of Ham House. Each Halloween, the Ham House offers ghost tours in search of the evil Duchess and the playful ghost dog.
Stingy Jack This Halloween Wants To Meet You!! London Dungeon!


15th – 31st October
The London Dungeon unveils Stingy Jack for Halloween 2011. Stingy Jack, the evil mythical character from Irish folklore damned by the devil and made to walk in darkness for all eternity with his turnip lantern, will be stalking the dark hellish corridors of the gruesome attraction and could appear at any moment.
Visitors who survive Jack’s lair may wish they hadn’t, as the gates of hell gape open to receive them in the mirrored labyrinth, there’s plenty of horrific goings on to explore this Halloween!
PLUS a whole Dungeon of blood, gore and more to endure including 3 scary rides:
  • NEW for 2011, Vengeance: UK's first 5D laser ride ONLY at the London Dungeon - the ride of your afterlife!
  • Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom - an adrenaline-charged "last drop" in the dark.
  • Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell - a chilling water ride.
The 13th Ghost Of Gruesome Greenwich

This Halloween, Charlton House will be witness to yet another historical ghostly performance by Phantasmagoria Events.

Way back in time, when gods and monster rules an ancient land, an iron age community lived near the site. They created a portal to the spirit world – From the four corners of Greenwich, a legion of the boroughs most horrid and historical phantoms are drawn to the imposing Jacobean mansion. Once a year, at Halloween the portal opens to allow the trapped spirits to ascend to a higher realm. In order for the ancient magic to work, 13 spirits are needed. However, there is a catch. Only 12 spirits are in the house. They meet you, greet you, tell you there story, however they are watching you like a hawk. You could be the 13th.

Phantasmagoria Events are a historical drama company with a strong track record in working with local authorities, historic sites, houses and historical public engagement.

Dates: Saturday 29TH October
             Sunday 30TH October

Times: Tours run every 15mins from 7PM -9PM ( Please note each tour lasts approx 1hr / you maybe subject to a 15mins wait)

Prices:   ADULT £10
                CHILD (over 12) £7
                FAMILY (2 adults,2 kids) £26

They are now on-sale via Greenwich Theatre box office

Clocks Go Back! 2.00 AM 30/10/11
British Summer Time Ends Remember Clocks Go Back One Hour Tonight/Tomorrow Morning

At 2.00 AM tomorrow morning 30/10/11 the clocks will go back one hour, for those of us who are not still out painting the town red! best do it before you go to bed. This marks the end of British Summer Time.

British Summer Time

BST is operational on the following dates for future reference.
2012  Clocks go forward on March 25th and Back on 28th October
2013  Clocks go forward on March 31st and Back on 27th October

The history of daylight saving time

In 1907 an Englishman, William Willett, campaigned to advance clocks by 80 minutes. He proposed four moves of 20 minutes at the beginning of the spring and summer months, and to return to Greenwich Mean Time in a similar manner in the autumn. The following year, the House of Commons rejected a Bill to advance the clocks by one hour during the spring and summer months.
Summer time was first defined in an Act of Parliament in 1916. The clocks were moved one hour ahead of GMT from the spring to the autumn.
During the Second World War, double summer time (two hours in advance of GMT) was introduced, lasting until July 1945.
Since the 1980s, all parts of western and central Europe have co-ordinated the date and the time of their clock changes.

Christmas Lights Switched on Oxford Street 1 St Nov 2011

Pop sensations and style icons The Saturdays will light up the West End as they switch on this year’s Oxford Street Christmas Lights on 1 November. The chart-topping gorgeous girl group will also perform an exclusive debut of their new single, My Heart Takes Over, to thousands of fans as shoppers and visitors gather to celebrate the official start of the festive shopping season! 
“We are so excited to be turning on the Oxford Street lights this year,” says Rochelle Wiseman, “when I was younger I begged my mum to take me to see the Spice Girls turn them on, and to think I’m doing it with my own group now is an amazing feeling!”
We’re so excited to be turning on the Oxford Street lights! It feels like Christmas really begins on Tuesday!’ Una Healy.
The evening will be hosted by Heart presenter Toby Anstis and will include performances from American sister duo The Pierces as well as the musical cast of Ghost.
This spectacular event kicks off from 5pm at Marks and Spencer Marble Arch, but get there early to secure your spot to see the girls in action!
Note: Tube Stop - Central Line – Marble Arch

Tuesday 25 October 2011

A complimentary burger at Crown and Greyhound, Dulwich

The Crown and Greyhound 
73 Dulwich Village, London, SE21 7BJ. Tel:             020 8299 4976      

Dear WWW.All-About-London.Com and London Visitors!

A complimentary burger for you (now even tastier)
We’d like to invite you and a friend to dine with us to celebrate the arrival of our new autumn menu. As a thank you, one of you will get a free burger.
Get your invitation >>

To join us for a meal – from now until Friday 11th November – simply download your invitation and visit us Monday - Friday.

All your favourites, just….better
Our new autumn food menu still features your favourites, like beer battered haddock and fat chips, alongside new autumnal dishes like fig, goats cheese, pecan & roasted squash tart. Our best selling handmade beef burger with bacon and cheese remains but we’ve made it even better (if that’s possible?!) with the addition of skinny fries and mini cornichons. So far it’s going down a storm with diners so get your voucher to make sure you get a bite of the action!

We hope to see you soon.

Sean and the team
The Crown and Greyhound
Halloween Ale and Bangers and Mash for £6.95

The Coal Hole
91-92 Strand, London, WC2R 0DW
            020 7379 9883      
Dear WWW.All-About-London.Com and Visitors

Join us at The Coal Hole and celebrate Nicholson's selection of 10 Halloween ales - the finest in the country!

Not only do we offer great ale but also fine food, so please enjoy an exclusive offer to Friends of Nicholson's which allows you to enjoy an extra special discount - our award winning Cumberland sausages and mash with any Halloween ale for
only £6.95*

Our Best Selection of Halloween Ales..... Ever!

Don't be spooked out this Halloween when you're greeted at the bar by aCenturion Ghost from York, a Ghost Ship from Adnams, or a Hobgoblin from Wychwood.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Kind Regards

Annie Power

The Coal Hole in Strand London

Monday 24 October 2011

Science Museum Lates
Science Museum - Lates
Climate Change - Inventing a better futureShare thisShare thisPost thisEmail to a friend
26.10.11   18.45-22.00
An evening dedicated to the Science of Climate Change
This month, we're not asking much, we just want you to change the world!
Come and meet our new inventor in residence, Mark Champkin, and hear what celebrities from Roald Dahl to Michael Jackson have invented. If that leaves you inspired, you can head over to our Mystery Celebrity Invention Workshop to make something of your own!

Hear how scientists are working together on solar technology, make your own draft excluder and discover how the planet really works with Gaia - the cabaret, or for something a little more restful, learn about Cloudspotting for Beginners with the Cloud Appreciation Society.   

If that's not enough, you can enjoy the usual Lates favourites Silent Disco, Punk Science and Speed Dating.
Click here for more information

Friday 21 October 2011

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Culture: £10 for Ticket to See Rat Pack Tribute Act at the IndigO2 (50% Off)

Reviving the Rat Pack swagger with charisma, panache, and a raucous big band, Legends of Las Vegas plays tribute to legends of swing, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr ... more.

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Thursday 20 October 2011

The Vinopolis & London Brewers Alliance Beer Festival

beer tasting festival with Fuller's and Vinopolis

A fantastic chance to try a wondeful range of beers

Come and taste British brewing at its best!

For the best of British brewing you don't want to miss out on the Vinopolis & London Brewers Alliance Beer Festival on Saturday 22nd October.
This event will showcase some of the best loved beers from old and new style recipes and the opportunity to taste some of the best kept secrets in British brewing.
'The Alliance hopes to unite those who make local beer with those that love it, and represent the vibrant heritage and contemporary scene of beer brewing in the great city of London.
Your ticket will include 7 beer tasting tokens valid for half a pint of beer, and one special token for a half pint of the collaborative London IPA. Additional tasting tokens will be available to purchase on the day.
Beer Tasting Festival at Vinopolis - Buy NowDate: 22nd October 2011
Time: 4:30pm - 10:30pm
Price: £20 per person

Octoberfest Pub: The Fest (Octoberfest Pub) Deutsch beer cellar

Octoberfest Pub: The Fest (Octoberfest Pub) Deutsch beer cellar:


Tuesday 18 October 2011

Museum Of London Discovery Trail, New Trail Starts 20th Oct

  • New hunt launching Thursday 20 October 2011

    Take your family on a journey of discovery through London’s historic heart at the Museum of London. We’ve teamed up with the Museum to give you a new way to find out about the capital.
    Solve clues by text message to step through time. Expect to see, touch, hear and even smell exhibits spanning prehistoric, Roman and medieval London, right up to the 20th century and present day city.
    This will be an easy trail and take about two hours to complete including a break halfway through in the Museum café. Entry to the Museum itself is free.
    Solve all the clues to be eligible for a “certified londoner” badge, available for each member of your team (up to four people). After completing the trail show your congratulatory text to the Museum hosts at the information desk to claim your badge.
    The trail is suitable for all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult and those under 8 years of age may need assistance with the clues.
    Been before? Time to go back – the Museum was redeveloped in 2010 and the new galleries are still sparkling.
    Ideal for two to four people. £16 per team.

    How to Play