Thursday 17 January 2019

Wartime London Small Group Tour

Discover the devastating effect the Second World War had on the city of London as our expert tour guide brings the story of this devastating chapter in British history to life over 75 years later.
Visit the most important wartime headquarters used by the Allies, see evidence of bomb damage, surviving signs locating life-saving air raid shelters and the monument's statues dedicated to our wartime heroes.

• Visit the ruins of at least one church destroyed during the bombing and also see the bomb damage from the First World War
• See where Sir Winston Churchill delivered his VE Day speech to a jubilant British Crowd
• See Downing Street, where Neville Chamberlain famously broadcast the British declaration of war on Germany
• See important wartime headquarters such as Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms and Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Supreme headquarters
Wartime Headquarters/a City Destroyed

From 1939 to 1945 Britain fought for its very survival against the might of the German war machine. Enraged by the air superiority of the Royal Air Force at the Battle of Britain and Britain’s stubborn refusal to surrender, Hitler vowed to destroy London and the spirit of its people ahead of a planned invasion. Britain was to be bombed into submission, and throughout 76 consecutive nights between September and November 1940 a third of the city was destroyed, while tens of thousands lost their lives.
See visible signs of bomb damage from the war and visit the remains of at least one church that was destroyed during the blitz and left as a testament to the devastation. See the wartime headquarters from where the Allied leaders coordinated the resistance, including Eisenhower’s Supreme Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), General Sikorski’s London base, and many more.

Important Historical Sites

See the building where ‘Operation Overlord’ wad planned, including the Allied landings on D-Day – the largest air, naval and land operation in history. You’ll also see where Sir Winston Churchill delivered his victorious VE Day speech and the sites where, almost six years earlier, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain broadcasted the British declaration of war.

Monuments & Statues

Pass through Parliament Square en-route to Whitehall, where along the way you’ll see the statues dedicated to notable Allied figures including Churchill, Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris, as well as several monuments dedicated the Battle of Britain, Women of WWII and the Cenotaph- the site of Britain’s national war memorial.

What's Included
Luxurious 16 seater coach
Professional tour guide
Personal Audio Headset