Wednesday 11 April 2018


Discover the creepiest, scariest and most horrifying secrets of London's pubs during this walking tour for two!
Are you intrigued by the paranormal world? Or just want a little more insight into London's most infamous murderers? This London Haunted Pub Tour for Two will help you understand the history of some of London’s most notorious serial killers, including some pubs that are home to a number of paranormal beings!
The experience will show you all things ghostly including the address of Sweeney Todd, public executions gone wrong, poltergeists, witch hunts, grave robbers and even Harry Potter! England’s worst serial killer will be revealed on the tour, as well as a visit to a Victorian prison, for that extra spine-tingling atmosphere. The tour takes you to a number of haunted pubs along the way, so you can calm your nerves or pluck up the courage to face more of these eerie sights the tour has to offer.
The London Haunted Pub Tour is a great experience for lovers of all things paranormal, or just a chance to experience something different. You can frighten yourselves silly, then enjoy a few relieving beverages throughout, as well as finding out all there is to know about London’s scariest residents! Perfect as a spooky gift for adventurous friends, or just as an exciting evening out in London, you're bound to find more than your average spirit in these pubs! - View Details - Check Availability - Book This Tours
Haunted Pub Tour In London For Two - Experience Days