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At the moment, requests to publish items are free to submit - Articles that are commercial adverts/posts/ articles may attract a small fee. Please note that not all requests are successful, and we reserve the right not to publish an item.
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About Us
The Friends of the Regent Palace have lived and worked in London for many years, we have detailed knowledge of London and would like to share this with people visiting London. Feel free to ask any questions about Places to visit, places to stay, and things to do. The All About London team currently work/worked in the following sectors -
Foreign currency (Director)
Hotels both chain and standalone (Directors)
Tours (Guides - Owners)
Guides - Blue Badge, Westminster Registered.
London Black Cabs (Guides)
IT - (Webmasters - Networking - Marketing)
Marketing and PR. (Provision and Support) -
Banking ( Merchant Services)
Retail - (Owners) (Department Store Management) (Artisan Foods and Markets)
Restaurants - Pubs and Coffee Shops
Attractions (Management)
There are also a number of freelance contributors in Journalism, Photography, and Guest Blogging/Bloggers
These members form and are part of The Consultancy Group. Visit Stonehenge, The Regent Palace and All About London - Part of the Consultancy Group.

Stonehenge on-site contacts
Stonehenge Site Telephone - 0870 333 1181 (Customer Services)
Regional Office - 01722 343830
Customer Services - 0870 333 1181
Tourist Information - Amesbury 01980 622833 and Salisbury 01722 334956
Address - Off A344 Road, Amesbury, Wiltshire - SP4 7DE