Thursday 13 March 2014

Natural History Museum - One Million Years of the Human Story

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story
Come face to face with your ancient relatives
Experience the dramatic story of ancient Britain, its changing landscapes and the people who lived here.
Find out what life was like during the chill of the ice ages, and when hippos swam in the Thames. See rare artefacts and many early human fossils. And meet the most scientifically accurate ancient human models ever made.
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'New blockbuster' - Time Out
'Spectacular show' - Financial Times
'Enlightening and engaging' - Nature
Lates, talks, workshops...
Lates, talks, workshops...
The conference
Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story conference
Visit the exhibition late and join in special evening discussions. And, take part in free daytime talks and workshops, part of our Nature Live programme.
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Explore the research behind the exhibition in a one-day conference on 31 May, with human origins experts Prof Chris Stringer and Dr Nick Ashton.
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800,000-year-old footprints
Breaking news
Win a trip to South Africa
Win a trip to South Africa
Archaeologists have discovered some of the oldest human footprints at Happisburgh in Norfolk, a key archaeological site featured in the exhibition.
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Win a trip for two to the Cradle of Humankind UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the world's richest ancestral human fossil sites.
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