Saturday 18 May 2024

Borough Market - In cider trading


In cider trading

It wasn’t not so long ago that the centuries-old traditions of British cider making appeared to have drowned under a torrent of nasty, brutish, essentially fruit-free white cider. Over the past decade, though, there’s been a heartening renaissance in the craft, driven by a new generation of makers who’ve happily embraced the drink’s amazing breadth of variation. To find out more about this resurgence, Tomé Morrissy-Swan sought the insights of two cider experts: Mary Topp and Tom Oliver of The London Cider House.
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Hot tips

After a few weather-afflicted stutters, beautiful English asparagus is now bursting through the warming soil in ever-greater quantities. In time to make the most of the coming glut, it’s worth revisiting this gem from our blog: Bee Wilson’s guide to the many different ways of preparing these elegant spears.   

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Razor clams with dulse, guanciale & cider

An attractive starter of sweet razor clam, crisp guanciale, salty seaweed and acidic cider.

Mussels, cheddar, cider, cream, mustard & thyme

A quick one-pot shellfish dish with a dash of high-quality cider.

The Free From Bakehouse

May is Coeliac Awareness Month, and if there’s one stall at Borough Market that coeliacs should be aware of it’s The Free From Bakehouse. Caroline Aherne’s beautiful cakes, breads and crackers are all handmade at her dedicated gluten-free premises. Many of her bakes are now also vegan.


The Padre stand in the Borough Market Kitchen is a great option for a gluten-free lunch. Inspired by chef Nicholas Fitzgerald’s extensive travels around Mexico, its menu of tacos and sides captures the vibrant flavours of regional Mexican street food – and the entire food offering is suitable for coeliacs.