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All About London is a preferred twitter resource recommended by Hotel Direct.

All About London  has been selected to provide its up to date London twitter page as a preferred resource for those people looking to visit London.  You can visit the twitter  page at  and Hoteldirect page at

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HotelDirect interview with All About London

Introducing: @Stay_In_London:

Stay In London is a very active twitter account and website ( bringing you the best tours of London, the finest restaurants/ bars/attractions/exhibitions to visit and general tips to save you time and money when exploring London. Whether you are a tourist visiting London or a Londoner looking for a new adventure then @Stay_In_London is a great source of useful information.

What’s the Story?

We arranged an interview with Dominic and Leigh, the two founders of @Stay_In_London to find what inspired them to create such a great London information resource.

HD: What inspired you to set up @Stay_In_London?

D & L: “The original idea was to create a resource to help both visitors and people who live and work in London. So it’s a mixture of tourism resources and contributions from people who work and live there. We also feature items from visitors who enjoyed particular aspects of London, Including submission of photos. Contributions from freelance photographers, journalists and guest bloggers, add to the mixture. There are also those items that reflect quirky or hidden London, such as the Victorian sewers with lost London rivers, haunted London or old pubs, shops. We are strongly in favour of the huge bank of knowledge in all the museums many of which are free.”

HD: Top 3 current events/places/ attractions in London?

D & L: “The Geffrye Museum – Especially if the Christmas past exhibition is on! A mixture of tranquillity in the gardens and reading room to fulfilling knowledge on the development of society in room periods.

The Museum of Childhood – Something for everyone, this will almost certainly return anyone back to a point in their Childhood!

Take the Thames cruise to Greenwich – Market day is a good day, take in the area, visit the Royal observatory and park. Go to Goddards for a slap up Pie n Mash with liquor – Jellied eels if you dare.”

HD: If guests were coming to stay with you, where’s the one place you’d insist on taking them?

D & L: “We find this difficult to name a single item! It would be a series of mini adventures! So It would be A Southbank Explore, A trip to Greenwich, Borough Markets and Shopping day.”

HD: Most amazing London experience?

D & L: “One day I discovered Little Venice. It was the complete contrast of a very noisy busy Paddington area to a complete tranquil calm of canals towpaths and quiet contemplation. As a visit, you can simply walk or take a canal boat to Camden lock or stop and visit London Zoo at Regents Park.”

HD: Why do you think you have built such a great Twitter following?

D & L: “We have been on twitter for a number of years and the variety in material that we tweet has attracted quite a diverse following. We would like to think that there is something for everyone and most importantly it’s interesting and useful!”

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