Sunday, 11 September 2011

What's That at Sloane Square Station?
Many of us dash around on the London commute not taking any notice of some of the things around us. The other day an American visitor asked what's that? Pointing to to the iron structure spanning the tube lines at Sloane Sq Station. I might have thought it a passenger walkway except that the base was curved?

River Westbourne, Sloane Square tube station
The River Westbourne crossing over Sloan Square Station

River Westbourne, Sloane Square tube station
Sloane Square tube station was constructed incorporating the iron structure to contain the River Westbourne which ran through Hyde Park as the Serpentine Lake.

The river meets with the river Thames about 300 yards west of Chelsea Bridge. This outfall, from a pipe now called the Ranelagh Sewer, can still be seen at low tide.