Thursday 28 June 2012

Science Live
The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2012
3 to 8 July 2012 in London
The Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology in the UK.

Speak to me lichen – how clean is the air?
Probing our cosmic origins with ALMA
Animal colours through animal eyes
Young heart for life
Listening to storms and volcanoes
Setting a speed trap for an avalanche
The lung and the short of it
Palimpsests, palaeontology and particle physics
A one hundred year old cosmic mystery
Europe’s lost world - our drowned landscapes
DNA is not your only destiny; epigenetics behind the scenes
Inflammation: the fire of life
A genetic map of the British people
Research to enhance the quality of long life
To infrared and beyond - with Herschel
Insect birth control
LOL: the science and art of laughter
Mini motors
Technology driven by a strange atomic property
Games robots play: interactive behaviour in autonomous robots
POP! The Sound of Bubbles – the science of sensing bubbles