Tuesday 15 January 2019

Save big this January with up to 50% off in Hamleys Super Sale!

Save up to 50% off Super Sale
Enjoy up to 50% off Toys and Games, in-store and online, with the Hamleys Super Sale!

Hamleys Magic Music Touch Game, Now only £7.50
Transforming your average child into a walking, talking (and giggling) musical instrument! This awesome Magic Music Touch Me creates sounds and melodies simply by touching your co-player - it gives a whole new meaning to the game pass-the-parcel and the faster you tap, the quicker the tune is played! Kids can play with anything from their nose to their feet so you can imagine the happy chaos that will ensue when you introduce this at a party. The light and sound features stimulate the senses and help to develop 3 key senses; hearing, sight and touch. Plays 8 classical melodies, 7 percussion sounds and 7 animal sounds.
Red 5 Vizor Glasses Pro, Only £15!
The ultra-comfortable 3D immersive Red 5 Vizor Glasses Pro is an incredible 360 experience with ultra-wide viewing and augmented gaming functionality - perfect for Pokemon Go! For the first time ever, the virtual world has become available to us all, with virtual reality headsets enabling us to experience a world that weve only ever seen before in futuristic sci-fi. So if you fancy swimming in a coral reef, being chased by a T-Rex or riding a rollercoaster from the comfort of your home, then the Vizor Glasses Pro virtual reality headset can make it possible! Compatible with nearly all smartphones, this headset is designed to deliver an amazing 360 viewing experience combined with luxurious comfort and functionality. Immerse yourself in a virtual world by watching your favourite 3D movies, play interactive augmented or virtual reality games and experience awe inspiring 360-degree viewing.