Monday 30 June 2014

Emirates Air Line and Thames Clipper - Tickets

Emirates Air Line Return Journey
One Day River Roamer ticket with Thames Clipper
One Day River Roamer Ticket
Take full advantage of the beauty of London from the Thames with the River Roamer Ticket. This full day ticket allows you to Hop-on and Hop-off the river and explore the many historic and modern sites on or near its banks. Roam around the stops at the Tower Pier, London Eye, Greenwich and much more.
Emirates London Cable Car -

The Emirates Air Line
Take the Thames Clipper to North Greenwich Pier and ‘take off’ on the Emirates Air Line with a return ticket experience. ‘Fly’ over the River Thames on London’s latest attraction. Launched in 2012 the Emirates Air Line provides stunning views across the Olympic Park, the O2 and London’s skyline to the West.