Tuesday 23 September 2014

Cycle Superhighway 2: Boris Johnson announces £25m upgrade to notorious Bow-Whitechapel cycle route - Transport - News - London Evening Standard

More on this story...: "Enhanced safety measures along London’s most notorious bike route will be installed by 2016, the mayor announced today.

Details of the £25m upgrade to the Bow-to-Whitechapel route were revealed as Boris Johnson also sought to win over more businesses to his cycling policy.

The improvements to the Whitechapel-to-Bow “cycle superhighway 2” will start next year and will result in full and semi segregation.

Separation will be achieved using kerbs or high-visibility “wands”, or flexible poles.

Since it was opened in 2011 there have been six cyclist deaths on CS2 which was described by leading QC Martin Porter as a permanent “accident waiting to happen”.

The mayor has been criticised for the route because most of it is no more than blue painted strips offering no physical or legal protection from vehicles."