Saturday 25 April 2015

Ashley X's five-year speeding fine dodge fails

Speeding camera

A motorist who spent five years trying to escape a speeding fine by concocting a series of stories, has been jailed.
Ashley X, who changed his surname by deed poll, was caught driving his Honda car at 67mph on a 50mph section of the M11, near Saffron Walden in 2009.
The Londoner refused to pay the initial £60 fine and fought the charge through six different courts.
At Ipswich Crown Court earlier X, of Clyfford Road, Ealing, admitted perjury and perverting the course of justice.
Judge Martyn Levett imposed a nine-month prison sentence and ordered him to pay costs of £1,200.

Fake letter

Previous court hearings were told the car had in fact been driven by X's "cousin" who, in a fake letter submitted to the court, apparently admitted the offence and claimed the fine had already been paid.
Later, X was found guilty of failing to provide a driver's details. But, he challenged the verdict at both Chelmsford Crown Court and the Court of Appeal, where the claims were rejected at both hearings.
When police investigated the case further, they found the "cousin" who X claimed had been driving, and discovered he was in fact a friend who denied writing the letter or being the driver.
After the sentencing hearing, PC Roy Keyes said: "Ashley X was determined to avoid paying the £60 fine and having three penalty points on his licence.
"But, for five years he tried to deny the offence and committed two serious offences which ultimately led to him being sent to prison."