Saturday 11 April 2015

Hatton Garden raid: CCTV footage 'shows gang of raiders'

Security guard exits the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd on Tuesday, the day the robbery was revealed

CCTV footage reportedly showing a gang of burglars pulling off the Hatton Garden jewellery robbery has emerged.
The video, obtained by the Mirror, shows men in high visibility jackets outside Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd in central London on Good Friday.
The paper said the men made two visits before leaving on Easter Sunday with the contents of 72 safety deposit boxes in wheelie bins and bags.
On Friday it emerged police knew an alarm had gone off but did not respond.
The Met Police said they received a call on Friday 3 April at 00:21 BST and were told an intruder alarm had gone off at the scene but decided it did not require a response.
Officers are now investigating why the call was given a grade that meant no police response was deemed necessary.
Previously, Scotland Yard had said they were alerted to the burglary on Tuesday.
Hatton Garden
Police said a heavy duty drill was used to bore holes to access the vault
In the CCTV footage obtained by the Mirror, one man outside the safe deposit building is seen pushing a wheelie bin, which the paper said could have contained the large drill used for breaking a hole through the lift shaft.
The newspaper, which published the 17-minute video on its website, said the men made a getaway in a white van. It said the van was seen pulling up shortly before 07:00 on Easter Sunday.
A source was quoted as saying the raid was the work of a professional gang who "planned this job down to every last detail".
Scotland Yard has declined to comment on the footage.
The Met Police has said items were stolen from at least 56 safety deposit boxes and officers are in the process of contacting the holders.
In total, 72 boxes were opened. Five were vacant and 11 were due to be opened by the company following the non-payment of fees, police said.
A heavy duty drill was used to bore holes into the 6ft (2m) thick walls reinforced with concrete to access the vault after the thieves had climbed down a lift shaft.
Experts said it was likely the thieves made several holes until they had created a big enough space to get through, which would have taken an experienced operator several hours.
Hatton Garden is famous for jewellery and the vault was used mainly by local jewellers and gold dealers.
No arrests have been made.