Wednesday 29 April 2015

The Mayfair 'ghost' station which may become an art gallery

Behind a grey door in Mayfair is a hidden part of London's history.
View of a disused staircase

This is Down Street Tube station. It opened in 1907 but shut again in 1932 because it was too close to other stations to attract sufficient passengers.
During World War Two Winston Churchill initially held cabinet meetings here.
Enquiries and committee room sign
Peeling paper
Later the railways were run from the corridors.
Signpost for Piccadilly line
You can still see some of the baths in the staff quarters.
Dirty sink
Transport for London is seeking expressions of interest to open these spaces to the public.
Peeling paper
There are seven sites it thinks could be turned into restaurants or art galleries and it will work in partnerships or lease the spaces out to entrepreneurs.
Telephone sign
Transport for London (TfL) is trying to optimise its commercial revenue and aims to increase revenue by £3.4bn in the next 10 years.