Wednesday 27 December 2017

The Cinema Museum - TCM Events: Jack. L. Warner, Robin Hood, The Extra Girl, 9.5mm films

Jack. L. Warner February 17th, Robin Hood February 17th, The Extra Girl, February 21st, 9.5mm films March 14th
Screening of Jack. L. Warner; The Last Mogul (1993) Cinema Museum Fundraiser, Saturday February 17th @ 3pm
By generous permission of filmmaker Gregory Orr, we are excited to present a rare screening of his feature length 1993 documentary telling the story of the man whose studio created many of Hollywood’s timeless classics.
Produced with the full cooperation of Warner Brothers, the film explores the fascinating rise of Jack Warner from obscure poverty to become head of one of the most famous movie studios in history. Made with an insider’s access to memories and material previously unseen by the public, the film captures—by way of rare photographs, home movies, film clips, unique location footage and exclusive interviews with family and friends —the life and times of a Hollywood legend.
Featuring interviews with: Efrem Zimbalist Jr, Rudy Behlmer, Shirley Jones, William T. Orr, Debbie Reynolds, Jack Warner Jr and many more.

All proceeds from this screening will go to the Save the Cinema Museum Campaign Fund

Advance tickets are £5 - click below to purchase from Billetto, or call 020 7840 2200 to purchase direct from the museum during office hours.
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Screening of The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Saturday February 17th @ 6:15pm 
Following on from Jack. L. Warner: The Last Mogul, will be this rare screening of a bona-fide Warner Bros classic from a 35mm film print courtesy of Park Circus.
Errol Flynn stars as Nottingham’s favourite son in Michael Curtiz’s swash-buckling epic, co-starring Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone and Claude Rains, with a rousing score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. A Technicolor delight, with many action set-pieces, the most memorable the swordfight between Flynn and Rathbone at the film’s climax. The 6th highest grossing film of 1938, it went on to win three Academy Awards, for the score, art direction and editing.

All proceeds from this screening will go to the Save the Cinema Museum Campaign Fund

Advance tickets are £8.50 (£6.50 concessions) - click below to purchase via Billetto. If you would prefer to purchase on the door, the price will be £10 (£7 concessions).
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Kennington Bioscope presents; The Extra Girl (1923), Wednesday 21st February @ 7:30pm
The Kennington Bioscope is a regular cinema event featuring live accompaniment to silent films that takes place at the Cinema Museum.
The main feature is The Extra Girl (1923), a comedy starring Mabel Normand, directed by F. Richard Jones and produced by Mack Sennett.
Normand plays a small town girl who travels to Hollywood to escape marriage, who dreams of becoming a motion picture star. Find out more here.

Tickets are £5. Seats are limited, so please request an invitation using the email
Kennington Bioscope presents; another evening of 9.5mm Films, Wednesday 14th March @ 7:30pm

Kennington Bioscope are delighted to announce a further sampling from Kevin Brownlow’s extensive collection of vintage 9.5mm prints.
For those unacquainted with the format, 9.5mm was a home movie gauge launched in the 1920s and is of similar quality to 16mm. Many silent films survive only in this form. Kevin began his career by collecting films on 9.5mm in the 1950s.
His programme this time includes a five-reel print of Casanova (1927), directed by Alexandre Volkoff and starring Ivan Mozzhukhin, Suzanne Bianchetti and Diana Karenne. This spectacular production was shot on location in Venice and was one of the few tinted prints ever released by 9.5mm distributor Pathescope. It’s also quite risqué for the time!

Tickets are £5. Seats are limited, so please request an invitation using the email