Monday 26 February 2024

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The London Underground map was first designed by Harry Beck in 1931 and has evolved many times over the years to its current version today.  

It’s not just a map used by people in London daily but is a design classic instantly recognisable as a symbol of London around the world. 
Check out our most popular products featuring the Underground map, including posters and prints, unique homeware and gifts any London transport fan will love.
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Underground map posters
London Underground tube map poster A2
Underground Map A2 Poster
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Harry Beck Underground Map, 1933
Underground Map, Harry Beck 1933
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Underground map homeware
Underground Map Mug
Underground Map Mug
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Underground Map Tea Towel
Underground Map Tea Towel
Underground map microfibre towel
Underground Map Microfibre Beach Towel
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Underground Double Oven Gloves
Underground Map Double Oven Gloves
Underground Map Shower Curtain
Underground Map Shower Curtain
Underground Map Duvet Set
From £20
TfL London Underground Duvet Set
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Underground map gifts
Underground Map Glasses Case 
Underground Map Glasses Case 
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1000 Piece Jigsaw New Underground Map
New Underground Map 1000 Piece Jigsaw
Embroidery Kit 1933 Tube Map
Embroidery Kit 1933 Tube Map
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London Underground Folding Bag
Underground Folding Bag
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Mapping London: the iconic Tube map
B/W print; Underground map - staff member poses with brush, 1960 © TfL from London Transport Museum’s collection.
B/W print; Underground map - staff member poses with brush, 1960 © TfL from London Transport Museum’s collection.
London’s diagrammatic Underground map, first devised in 1931 by Harry Beck, can truly be described as a design classic. Over time, the map has evolved from tracing the first railways in the Capital to encompassing an integrated network that covers ever growing distances. Today it is distributed for free by Transport for London (TfL) and appears in different formats.

Despite being under the eyes of passengers daily, the story of this iconic map is difficult to appreciate at first glance. Click on the button below to read more about the iconic Tube map.
Mapping London: the iconic tube map 
Poster artist of the month: Abram Games
Our second poster artist of the month is Abram Games, who designed posters for London Transport from 1937 to 1976. In 1942, he was appointed an official war poster artist, and created around 100 posters promoting the war effort.

Games developed his stylised designs by sketching them in miniature to check the impact they would make at a distance. You can explore his sketches and artworks in our Global Poster Gallery.
Learn more about Abram Games
30 x 40 print of Abram Games London Zoo in a white frame on a white background with wooden table and dried grass
Shop this poster commissioned by London Transport in 1976, designed by Abram Games to promote London Zoo.
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