Friday 3 December 2010

Winter Solstice December 21st 2010

A@ For Maddie, Chicopee MA. USA.
Here are the dates for the Winter solstice, past and future.

YearMarch EquinoxJune SolsticeSeptember EquinoxDecember Solstice
200020 Mar07:3521 Jun01:4822 Sep17:2821 Dec13:38
200120 Mar13:3121 Jun07:3822 Sep23:0521 Dec19:21
200220 Mar19:1621 Jun13:2523 Sep04:5522 Dec01:14
200321 Mar01:0021 Jun19:1123 Sep10:4722 Dec07:04
200420 Mar06:4821 Jun00:5722 Sep16:3021 Dec12:42
200520 Mar12:3321 Jun06:4622 Sep22:2321 Dec18:35
200620 Mar18:2521 Jun12:2623 Sep04:0422 Dec00:22
200721 Mar00:0721 Jun18:0623 Sep09:5122 Dec06:07
200820 Mar05:4820 Jun23:5922 Sep15:4421 Dec12:04
200920 Mar11:4421 Jun05:4622 Sep21:1921 Dec17:47
201020 Mar17:3221 Jun11:2923 Sep03:0921 Dec23:38
201120 Mar23:2121 Jun17:1623 Sep09:0422 Dec05:30
201220 Mar05:1420 Jun23:0822 Sep14:4921 Dec11:12
201320 Mar11:0221 Jun05:0422 Sep20:4421 Dec17:11
201420 Mar16:5721 Jun10:5223 Sep02:2921 Dec23:03
201520 Mar22:4521 Jun16:3823 Sep08:2122 Dec04:48
201620 Mar04:3020 Jun22:3522 Sep14:2121 Dec10:44
201720 Mar10:2921 Jun04:2422 Sep20:0221 Dec16:28
201820 Mar16:1521 Jun10:0723 Sep01:5421 Dec22:22
201920 Mar21:5921 Jun15:5423 Sep07:5022 Dec04:19
202020 Mar03:5020 Jun21:4422 Sep13:3121 Dec10:03
202120 Mar09:3721 Jun03:3222 Sep19:2121 Dec15:59
202220 Mar15:3321 Jun09:1423 Sep01:0421 Dec21:48
202320 Mar21:2421 Jun14:5723 Sep06:5022 Dec03:27
202420 Mar03:0620 Jun20:5122 Sep12:4421 Dec09:20
202520 Mar09:0221 Jun02:4222 Sep18:2021 Dec15:03
202620 Mar14:4621 Jun08:2523 Sep00:0521 Dec20:50
202720 Mar20:2521 Jun14:1123 Sep06:0222 Dec02:42
202820 Mar02:1720 Jun20:0222 Sep11:4521 Dec08:20
202920 Mar08:0221 Jun01:4822 Sep17:3821 Dec14:14
203020 Mar13:5221 Jun07:3122 Sep23:2721 Dec20:10
203120 Mar19:4121 Jun13:1723 Sep05:1522 Dec01:56
203220 Mar01:2220 Jun19:0922 Sep11:1121 Dec07:56
203320 Mar07:2321 Jun01:0122 Sep16:5221 Dec13:46
203420 Mar13:1821 Jun06:4422 Sep22:4021 Dec19:34
203520 Mar19:0321 Jun12:3323 Sep04:3922 Dec01:31
203620 Mar01:0320 Jun18:3222 Sep10:2421 Dec07:13
203720 Mar06:5021 Jun00:2222 Sep16:1321 Dec13:08
203820 Mar12:4021 Jun06:0922 Sep22:0221 Dec19:02
203920 Mar18:3221 Jun11:5723 Sep03:5022 Dec00:40
204020 Mar00:1120 Jun17:4722 Sep09:4521 Dec06:33
204120 Mar06:0720 Jun23:3622 Sep15:2721 Dec12:18
204220 Mar11:5321 Jun05:1622 Sep21:1221 Dec18:04
204320 Mar17:2821 Jun10:5823 Sep03:0722 Dec00:01
204419 Mar23:2020 Jun16:5122 Sep08:4821 Dec05:44
204520 Mar05:0720 Jun22:3422 Sep14:3321 Dec11:35
204620 Mar10:5821 Jun04:1522 Sep20:2221 Dec17:28
204720 Mar16:5321 Jun10:0323 Sep02:0821 Dec23:07
204819 Mar22:3420 Jun15:5422 Sep08:0121 Dec05:02
204920 Mar04:2920 Jun21:4722 Sep13:4321 Dec10:52


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