Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Natural History Museum - Discover stories from the deep

Dive into the fascinating world of our oceans
Blue Planet II
Exploring life underwater is critical to understanding our valuable ocean resources and protecting them for future generations. Uncover why we need to protect the oceans, find out how to get involved and discover cutting-edge research.
Stories from the deep
Dr. Sylvia Earle prepares to dive
A career below the waves
What's it like to spend a lifetime in the heart of the ocean? Hear from expert oceanographers who advised the Blue Planet II team.
Our plastic problem
Our plastic problem
The BBC series highlighted the world's poisonous plastic habit. Will the oceans ever bounce back?

A glowing jellyfish
Light in the dark
How do animals navigate the deepest depths of the ocean?

Turtle on a sponge
Can sea sponges cure cancer?
Find out about the humble sponges with the potential to save thousands of lives.