Saturday 27 January 2018

Whitechapel Gallery Event - The Curios Society

The Curios Society

Assembling on the first three Saturdays of Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural World, Whitechapel Gallery launches The Curios Society to investigate the weird and wonderful, the unlikely and impossible. We'd like to invite you to join. 
Ask the Birds
Sat 24 Feb, 3pm | £5/£3.50 concs

If birds could offer advice on human problems, what would they say?
Artists Marcus Coates and Fiona MacDonald: Feral Practice invite a panel of bird specialists; Helen MacdonaldTim Birkhead and Ceri Levy, to use their knowledge of bird life to illuminate problems and questions of human experience.

Bring questions to be deliberated and fathomed via the wisdom of the birds. 
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Sat 24 Feb, 3pm | £5/£3.50 concs

Alchemy can in turn describe a philosophical tradition, an esoteric practice, a way of thinking and at times, an artistic methodology.

Meet artists Robert WilliamsKate Briggs and Jane Topping to explore ideas of the alchemical in art.

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Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural World 
Opens 14 Feb

Book in advance to see the exhibition and be amongst the first to explore the immersive world of Mark Dion.

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Big Ideas: Joanna Ebenstein

Thu 8 Mar, 7pm | £9.50/£7.50 concs
What is the relationship between art and death?
Artist, writer and co-founder of New York’s Morbid Anatomy Museum, Joanna Ebenstein’s projects are united by a fascination with things that flicker on the edges of categorical divides: death and beauty, eros and thanatos, animate and inanimate.
This talk will trace the evolution of these ideas through a discussion of her projects, past and present. In particular, Ebenstein will put forward her current research into the rituals and material culture surrounding Mexican Folk Saints and what they tell us about the power of objects.
Supported by the Stanley Picker Trust.

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