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The Cinema Museum - TCM Events: Truth Behind The Headlines, First Time Tragedy, Fringe, Vito Project

The Truth Behind The Headlines January 23rd, First Time Tragedy January 26th, Fringe January 28th, Vito Project January 31st
Unite presents; Belonging, The Truth Behind The Headlines (2017), Tues 23rd Jan 2018 @ 7pm
Join Unite for a special screening of Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines (2017).
This multi-awardwinning film tells the vitally important story about recent trade unionism and government.
Belonging is an investigative feature-length documentary about where power lies in the United Kingdom. Re-examining events surrounding three industrial disputes, three governments and over three decades, the film shows the impact of government and corporate power on democracy and human rights not just for trade unionists, but for all.
In this film there are many reveals – not least a secret government plan to destroy community and collectivism. Belonging uses documents clearly showing what has long been suspected by many but not proven – until now.
Heart wrenching personal stories are told by those at the centre of these industrial disputes, not only highlighting the impact of the actions of those in power on individuals and communities, but also raising the question of what lies ahead. From Murdoch’s purchase of The Times and The Sunday Times in 1981 through the News International dispute (1986/7), Royal Mail as it prepared for privatisation (2007/8), and a dispute at the Grangemouth Oil Refinery in Scotland (2013), Belonging explores what has happened behind closed doors of successive UK governments and the resulting impact on people’s human rights. Power: “who has it, and what do they do with it?” is as relevant today as it ever was.  Find out more here

Advance tickets are £5 (£2 for Unite members) - click below to purchase from Billetto, or call 020 7840 2200 to purchase direct from the museum during office hours.
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Australia Day screening of First Time Tragedy Second Time Farce (1989), Friday 26th January @ 7:30pm
To celebrate Australia Day, a screening of First Time Tragedy Second Time Farce (1989), a documentary written, produced and directed by John Cumming, Jane Madsen and James Swinson.
In 1988 the Australian and British Governments with multinational sponsors embarked upon a programme of cultural events to mark 200 years of European settlement in Australia.
First Time Tragedy Second Time Farce follows the theatrical history lesson of the re-enacted voyage of the First Fleet of British ships that settled Australia in 1788 – framing other histories and experiences.
Aboriginal people travelled thousands of kilometres across Australia and brought their fight for Land Rights and Self Determination to Sydney Harbour. Their protest was echoed by immigrants resounding against the celebrations of a state that had marginalised difference.  Find out more here.

Advance tickets are £5 - click below to purchase via Billetto or call 020 7840 2200 during office hours to purchase direct from the Museum.
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Fringe! Presents a programme of films curated by Liz Rosenfeld, Sunday 28th January @ 6:30pm
Fringe! are excited to welcome back festival alumnus Liz Rosenfeld for a special event at The Cinema Museum in two parts, featuring a new film made during her recent Goethe at Lux residency alongside a curated programme of works from the LUX film archive based on research on her forthcoming feature film Foxes. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Liz Rosenfeld. A selection of works will be shown on 16mm.  Find out more here.

Advance tickets are £10 and can be purchased from Outsavvy
The Vito Project presents; Valencia (2013) Wednesday 31st January @ 7pm
ReShape and the Cinema Museum present the third season of the VITO Project, a series of free monthly screenings bringing generations of LGBTs together to provide an alternative space to mix, watch films and share ideas.
The Vito Project presents Valencia, a 2013 experimental feature collaboration of 18 directors each adapting a chapter of Michelle Tea’s award winning queer memoir of the same name.
Valencia is a collaboration between a national community of queer filmmakers to adapt the underground classic memoir into a kaleidoscopic vision of San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District in the early 1990s, before the dot-com apocalypse, when the neighborhood functioned as a low-rent playground for a generation of punk lesbians who came of age during the birth of the Queer Nation. Valencia documents the rise of a punk lesbian diaspora through the experience of Michelle, a single rootless twenty-something searching for sex and love, drugs and adventure.  Find out more here.
This is a free event but we need your donations on the night to ensure the continuation of the VITO project. Donations are VITO’s only source of funding and we need to raise an average of £5 per person just to cover our costs. So PLEASE DIG DEEP and give us a donation if you are able to.

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