Monday, 4 February 2019

Museum of London - Exciting casting news for Beasts of London

They are the Beasts of London
It is with a roar of pride that we present the new trailer for our upcoming immersive experience, Beasts of LondonGet your first glimpse at some of the beasts who'll guide you through London's history and get excited for a wild day out.

The trailer isn't the only thing we're announcing today. We know, what a great way to start a week.

We don't want to assume anything, but it's unlikely that you, like us, can speak Horse. So, we've enlisted the help of some friends that you might know.

Brian Blessed, Pam Ferris, Nish Kumar, Stephen Mangan, Angellica Bell and Joe Pasquale will be voicing some of the animals who once roamed London and helped shape the city we know today.