Tuesday 13 September 2022

Science Museum - The edge of imagination is nearly ready for exploration in our upcoming exhibition


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Celebrate Star Trek Day and book your tickets for Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination

There's now less than one month to go until the opening of our blockbuster Science Fiction exhibition 👽. Today also marks Star Trek Day so it is only logical that we celebrate with some fun updates for all Trekkies and Sci-Fi fans.

Be sure to book your tickets now - the first shuttle departs on Stardate 76229. Live long and prosper!

Beam up with Delta Portals at the Science Museum

In preparation for the opening of Science Fiction, three Delta Portals have landed at various locations within the museum. Immerse yourself in landscapes from across the Star Trek franchise and get excited for your Voyage to the Edge of Imagination!

The Saga continues...

Science Museum exclusive Science Fiction exhibition book

Accessing Memory Alpha...

Don't miss our exclusive Science Fiction book 

We will have an exciting range of Sci-Fi merch coming to the Science Museum shop soon. From books to toys, games galore and so much more, including some Trekkie surprises!

Treat yourself or someone else and nerd out with our exclusive range 🛸

Sci-Fi events for all species

Come and see the out-of-this-world events we have arriving at the Science Museum soon.

Whether you're more into science or fiction, there will be something for you. From a night with art-pop trio Stealing Sheep to a discussion on quantum mechanics between Carlo Rovelli and Jim Al-Khalili, even little ones can get involved with our Science Fiction Astronights series.