Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dulwich Picture Gallery - Final weeks to discover Sargent's watercolours

Ends 8 Oct
Final Sargent video 
Our tour of Sargent: The Watercolours with co-curator Richard Ormond (sadly) comes to end this week. In the final instalment of our whistle-stop journey, we're joining Richard in the last room of the exhibition to learn more about Sargent's figure paintings - in particular the sensuous painting, 'The Lady with the Umbrella'.
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See Sargent as never before
"I have an entirely different feeling for sketches and studies than I have for portraits ... sketches from nature give me pleasure to do, pleasure to keep and more than the small amount of money that one could ask for them" - John Singer Sargent

Sargent has been unleashed. Free from the restraints of commission portraits, Sargent paints what he truly wants to paints. Here he is perhaps contemplating a composition while painting a watercolour in the Simplon Pass in Switzerland.
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BBC London highlight
"I have never seen watercolours shimmer and shine ... as much as with Sargent’s" - Estelle Lovatt

Listen to art critic Estelle Lovatt revel in the sunshine of Sargent's watercolours on BBC London - start from 2:19:25.
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