Friday, 22 September 2017

The Last Tuesday Society & Viktor Wynd Museum


Say Farewell To Austin Osman Spare & Meet Bob The Frog

Hendrick’s Goodbye To Austin Osman Spare

Tuesday 26th September
6pm – 10pm

Join Us, With a Complimentary Glass of Hendrick's Gin To Bid a Fond Farewell to The Austin Osman Spare exhibition in our museum. It is by far the most popular show we have ever done - over 10,000 visitors and almost 8,000 catalogues sold. Take a last lingering look at the exhibition before it closes. though take heart the museum's Spare Room will continue to show some of the work from our permanent collection. Complimentary G&T's will be given to early arrivals

Next Week The Petting Zoo Returns
Wed- Friday 5pm-10:30pm
Join Us & Our Living Menagerie in our museum & learn all about animals from our experienced qualified natural historian - formerly of London's Natural History Museum - meet, greet, and if you're feeling brave enough pet.
Winston the Bearded Dragon
Huffty the Blue Tongued Skink
Professor Green the Python
Gizmo the Veiled Chameleons
Sam and Delilah the Boa Constrictors
Sidney the Corn Snake
Gordon and Gretchen the Gecko's
John and Yoko the Tiger Beetles
Murray the Mantis
Bob the Bull Frog
Sophie the Tarantula
Myrtle and Millicent the Millipedes

please note we no longer do the petting zoos at the week end as they were too popular - come duri ng the week and spend more time with the animals