Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Cinema Museum - TCM Events: Michael Powel, Kennington Classics, Kennington Noir, Kennington Classics

Michael Powel November 9th, Kennington Classics November 15th, Kennington Noir December 12th, Kennington Classics Decmber 13th
Michael Powell Discovery: Caste (35mm), Thurs 9th November @ 7:30pm
Straight from the BFI archive, Caste is a Michael Powell film that has been long ignored or forgotten, Caste (1930).
It marked the great British film-maker’s debut as a director early in the sound era. As he was only officially credited as its screenwriter, the BFI’s viewing copy hasn’t received much attention. This will be the first ever public screening of this print!
Caste is a lively, constantly surprising adaptation of a famous Victorian play, T. W. Robertson’s comedy-drama about love, war, and class divisions, updated to the time of the First World War. Denis Gifford’s British Film Catalogue crisply described the plot as “Cockney drunkard’s daughter weds marquise’s son who is presumed killed in war”.  Find out more here
Please note; this is a free event, but donations would be greatly received.
Kennington Classics presents; Bad Day at Black Rock (1955), Weds 15th November @ 7:30pm
Bad Day at Black Rock is a 1955 Eastman Color in CinemaScope thriller directed by John Sturges and starring Spencer Tracy and Robert Ryan. It combines elements of the western and film noir genres.
The film tells the story of a mysterious stranger who arrives at an isolated town in the southwestern US desert in search of a man. He finds the few residents to be inexplicably hostile.
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Kennington Noir presents; Nightmare Alley(1947), Tues 12th December @ 7:30pm
Nightmare Alley (1947), directed by Edmund Goulding and starring Tyrone Power and Joan Blondell, stars leading man Tyrone Power. Wishing to expand beyond the romantic and swashbuckler roles that had brought him to fame, he bought the rights to the novel of the same name so he could star in this film as the unsavory “Great Stanton”, a scheming carnival barker.
He is fascinated by carnival life, and works with “Mademoiselle Zeena” (Joan Blondell) and her alcoholic husband, Pete (Ian Keith) who were once a top-billed vaudeville act. Zeena and Pete had used an ingenious code to make it appear that Zeena had extraordinary mental powers, until her attentions to other men had driven Pete to drink and reduced them to working in carnivals. Stanton learns that many people want to buy this code from Zeena for a lot of money but she refuses to sell; she is saving it as a nest egg. And the plot thickens…
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Advance tickets are £6 - click below to purchase from Billetto. Alternatively, please call 020 7840 2200 during office hours to purchase direct from the Museum.
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Kennington Classics presents; The Lady Vanishes (1938) Weds 13th December @ 7:30pm
The Lady Vanishes is a 1938 British mystery thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave. This will feature a 35mm print.
The film is about a beautiful English tourist travelling by train in continental Europe who discovers that her elderly travelling companion seems to have disappeared from the train. After her fellow passengers deny ever having seen the elderly lady, the young woman is helped by a young musicologist, the two proceeding to search the train for clues to the old lady’s disappearance.
The Lady Vanishes was filmed in the Gainsborough Studios at Islington, London. It was Hitchcock’s last British film until the 1970s; he relocated to Hollywood soon after its release.

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