Sunday 9 August 2020

London Transport Museum - Celebrating the weird and wonderful


Celebrating the weird and wonderful
Spiral escalator
Over the last few months, we've enjoyed looking at some of the fascinating objects that museums have been sharing online, especially the weird and wonderful.

In this email, we take a delve into our Collections Online to bring you some of the  strangest objects that you probably wouldn't expect to see at London Transport Museum! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for even more.
Found buried at the bottom of a lift shaft for 77 years, this spiral escalator was an engineering experiment ahead of its time. It was first installed in 1906, but was never used by the public.
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You can browse over 275,000 objects on our Collections Online. What's the strangest thing you can find? Discover the collection >
Metro de Paris pottery cockerel
This pottery cockerel might be one of the most unexpected items in our collection. It was designed by artist Lucien Neuquelman as a presentation from the Métro de Paris to London Transport in the 1950s as part of a sporting competition between the staff on the two transport organisations.
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Metro de Paris pottery cockerel presented to London Transport

Image 1Griffin TeaGriffin Christmas Pudding

Griffin products
From the late 1940s, all the food used in London Transport canteens and mess rooms was produced at the London Transport Food Production Centre. There were also other products available for people to buy - including chocolate bars, tea bags and even Christmas puddings! Click the pictures above to find out more.
Mobile canteen
On the topic of canteens - despite there being over 200 canteens in London, for workers outside of the city, London Transport ran mobile canteens out to them. These mobile canteens were originally built into converted buses, and later, custom-built trailers.

This photo shows a worker taking a tea break inside one of the mobile canteens.

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Depot family summer season
Explore the vehicles at our Depot - including this fascinating milk van designed to carry milk from London's northern suburbs - for our family summer season starting on 19 August. Don't miss your chance to book tickets!
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Milk van

Moquette Nike trainersRoutemaster moquette socksMoquette sofa

Moquette is one of London's most recognisable fabrics, so it's no wonder all sorts of people and products are inspired by it. The trainers on the left were a limited-edition pair launched in 2013 in collaboration between TfL and Nike. And we couldn't talk about weird and wonderful moquette without showing off our fan favourite moquette socks or sofas! Think of the possibilities...
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