Monday 22 October 2012

The Crystal London 

Welcome to the Crystal, London’s newest landmark building and the world’s first center dedicated to improving our knowledge of urban sustainability.
Urban sustainability is among the most critically important global issues of the 21st century. Over half the world’s population live in urban areas - from small cities like York, to megacities like New York - and by 2050 that proportion will rise to 70% of all humanity.
The big challenge is that cities now consume about 75% of all the world's energy and emit around 80% of all greenhouse gases. The fight against climate change will therefore be won or lost in cities, so it's crucial we make our urban habitats more efficient, cleaner and better to live in - not only for ourselves, but for future generations and the earth's diverse ecosystems.
From its vast interactive exhibition to enlightening lectures and thought leadership conferences, the Crystal aims to educate all of us about the technologies and solutions that can help to improve urban life and sustainability.
The Crystal opened to the public in September 2012. Find out more about the Crystal and the future of cities here.