Thursday 22 June 2017

'Voyages' at the Science Museum extended to 30th July

Extended by public demand until Sunday 30 July
The Science Museum Group's collection of historical ship models has been dramatically re-imagined for a new exhibition by internationally-acclaimed fine art photographers Anderson & Low.
Voyages represents a surprising reinterpretation of a much-loved collection charting the development of maritime history. Looking at these models through the protective sheeting that covers them has had a radical effect on both scale and context.
Anderson & Low have used this additional layer as a prism, to separate out a new spectrum of fantastical narratives. Created using only ambient light, the resulting photographs resemble monumental Turneresque seascapes and project the recurring themes of fantasy, artifice and perception common in Anderson & Low's many varied works.
Having been displayed for almost half a century before the decommissioning of the Science Museum's Shipping Galleries in 2012, the models have been subject to careful conservation over the intervening five year period. This new series of photographs by Anderson & Low represents an intersection between art and science and gives new life to a valued part of the UK’s national collection.
Visit our Media Space gallery until Sunday 30 July to experience this stunning exhibition.

‘These replicas of everything from sailing boats and early steamers to sophisticated modern vessels have been photographed by Anderson & Low as romantic visions from a lost maritime age.’ The Guardian
**** ‘JMW Turner eat your heart out.’ Evening Standard
‘Photographic duo Anderson & Low have given these ships a ghostly resurrection, and the fuzzy images capture a sense of the history these models represent.’ The Londonist