Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Thorntons - Countdown to Christmas with a Thorntons Advent Calendar

Summer flavours
Countdown to Christmas in style!
There are only 6 weeks left until Christmas, which means there are only 2 weeks to go until advent! We love the countdown to Christmas almost as much as we love chocolate, that's why, you'll find an indulgent, carefully crafted chocolate behind every door of our stunning advent calendars.

Right now, advent calendars are 3 for 2! And don't forget, we can personalise some of them for you too!
Santa Advent Calendar

Help make that wait for Christmas Day even more exciting! Kids of all ages will love this fun advent calendar showing Father Christmas delivering brightly wrapped gifts. 

Remember, we can personalise this advent calendar too!

£5.00 each
3 for 2, mix and match
Large Snowman Advent Calendar

The Snowman and his Snowdog always makes Christmas feel a little bit more magical - And what could be more magical than chocolate everyday?

We can personalise these advent calendars as well!

£7.00 each
3 for 2, mix and match