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Kennington Talkies August 26th

Kennington Classics August 30th

Ghost Tent September 1st

Kennington Talkies September 2nd

Silent Film Weekend September 8-14th
Kennington Talkies presents; The Thin Man (1934), Sunday August 26th @ 2:30pm 
Our The Thin Man series begins with the original 1934 American pre-Code comedy-mystery film directed by W. S. Van Dyke.
Based on the novel of the same name by Dashiell Hammett, the film stars William Powell as Nick, a hard-drinking, retired private detective, and Myrna Loy as his wife, a wealthy heiress. Nick is called back into service to investigate the disappearance of ‘the thin man’.

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Kennington Classics presents; Bicycle Thieves (1948), Thursday August 30th @ 7:30pm
Ladri di Biciclette (Bicycle Thieves) is a 1948 Italian film directed by Vittorio De Sica. The film follows the story of a poor father searching post-World War II Rome for his stolen bicycle, without which he will lose the job which was to be the salvation of his young family.
Adapted for the screen by Cesare Zavattini from a novel by Luigi Bartolini, and starring Lamberto Maggiorani as the desperate father and Enzo Staiola as his plucky young son, Ladri di Biciclette is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Italian neorealism.

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The Live Ghost Tent; Quarterly Laurel & Hardy Society. Saturday September 1st @ 3pm
The Live Ghost Tent – quarterly meeting of The Laurel and Hardy Society.
For the September programme we are doing a tribute to Anita Garvin with these films: From Soup to Nuts (1928), short directed by Edgar Kennedy; Blotto(1930), short directed by James Parrott; The Chimp (1932), short directed by James Parrott; and A Chump at Oxford (1940), directed by Alfred J. Goulding.
The meeting runs from 3pm to 7pm.
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Non-members are welcome and we ask for a donation of £5 per meeting. Children under the age of 12, accompanied by an adult are admitted free.
Kennington Talkies presents; After The Thin Man (1936), Sunday September 1st @ 2:30pm
Our The Thin Man series continues with the 1936 American sequel, again directed by W. S. Van Dyke, with William Powell and Myrna Loy reprising their roles as Nick and Nora Charles, and the return of Asta the dog. James Stewart also stars.
The story is again by Dashiell Hammett, with a script from Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich, which was Oscar-nominated. Nick and Nora Charles are invited to a New Year’s Eve dinner by Nora’s stuffy family, who look down on Nick. It soon transpires that the true reason for their invitation is that Nora’s cousin Selma’s ne’er-do-well husband Robert has been missing for three days. Can the couple help to locate him?

Advance tickets are £6 and may be purchased from Billetto, or direct from the Museum by calling 020 7840 2200 during office hours.
Kennington Bioscope presents; Silent Film Weekend, Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September 10am-10:15pm
The event will feature many rare and fantastic gems from the BFI archive and the personal collection of film historian and national treasure, Kevin Brownlow. As with last year’s show, almost the whole programme is on film (35mm or 16mm). Mr Brownlow himself with curators from the Kennington Bioscope will be on hand to introduce the films. We will have the leading silent film pianists in the UK, John Sweeney, Cyrus Gabyrusch, Lillian Henley and Meg Morley.  Click below for more information (incl. ticket prices).
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