Tuesday 7 December 2021

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Stonehenge seen in silhouette under a starry sky

The world of Stonehenge

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This show will paint a vivid picture of the world of Stonehenge, revealing an age much less shadowy and mysterious than it's often thought to be.

Opening in February, the landmark exhibition will bring together objects from across Europe – many on loan for the first time – including stone axes from the North Italian Alps and stunning metalwork from Ireland.

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Organised with the State Museum of Prehistory, Halle/Saale, Germany.

A visitor inside 'Hokusai: The Great Picture Book of Everything', looking up at a banner of a drawing displayed against a vibrant blue background.

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Stonehenge in the day light, with the sun poking through the two vertical stones capped by a lintel

Curator’s blog post

Essential reading

Find out how and why the ancient stone circle was made and explore the fascinating world of Stonehenge with curator Jennifer Wexler.

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