Thursday 26 April 2012

The London Cocktail Club



We like the London Cocktail Club! A must visit, enough said see the video and look at the food and drink menus, Definitely worth our 5 star award.

4.30pm till midnight Monday to Saturday

Preserves… £2
Aka pickles, brines & cures
Cocktail olives
Pork crackling
Celery salted almonds
Paprika pickled eggs
Oven dried tomatoes
Sweet pickled onions

Deli boards… £12
Aka delicacies & fine foods
The ultimate selection of chorizo, salchichon, lomo & jamon serano , all served with caper berries!
West country Stilton, farm-house cheddar & French camembert served with oat biscuits & Jam!

Soldiers… £5
Aka, Bruschetta, Canapés & Crostini’s
Smoked mackerel & caper berries
Welsh rarebit and piccalilli puree
Chicken liver parfait & berry compote
Hot buttered mushrooms on toast

Sticks… £5
Aka Kebabs & Skewers
Rump Steak & horseradish crème fraiche
Sweet devilled free-range chicken fillets
Pork bap & applesauce
Spiced lamb & cucumber dipping sauce

Hush puppies… £4
Aka Croquettes, Fritters & Fingers
Smoked bacon balls
Cauliflower cheese
Hot crispy Brie & berry sauce
Pint of chips & Bloody-Mary mayo


The guest that never leaves
“you can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them!”
White peach puree lengthened with Italian prossecco make this legendary drink that is refreshing any time of the day!
Finlandia Vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice & a squeeze of lime. Made famous for sleeping it’s way around the city.
Strawberry Daiquiri
Bacardi superior, strawberry jam and frais de bois, with a splash of cranberry and grenadine to lengthen.
A large splash of Leblon cachaca, a whole muddled lime balanced with a touch of sugar.
French Martini
Finlandia Vodka shaken passionately with pineapple juice and Chambord black raspberry liquor is a faithful classic for the sweet tooth.
Tommy’s Margarita
Cazadorez Blanco and agave syrup are shaken with pressed lime juice for a sweet twist on one of the greats!
Bacardi rum, lots of mint, lime and sugar is perfect for any one not ready to say goodbye to the summer
White Russian
Finlandia vodka, Kahlua & milk

“make mine a caucasian”
- the big Lebowski -
Murder on the Dance Floor
“Yes, we did it. And no, we don’t feel guilty ;-) ”
Blue Lagoon
OK, so maybe not the classic recipe, but no doubt just as nostalgic! Bombay dry, Blue curacao, bitters & love!
Porn Star Martini
A London legend if ever there was one. Passion fruit, vanilla, Finlandia vodka and Champagne. What’s not to love?!
Brixton Riot
Lychee, Martini, cranberry & peach puree are shaken before wray & nephew overproof rum are poured to put fire on the dance floor.
West Indian Yellow Bird
a dance floor classic that will definatly get your legs moving, Bacardi, crème de banan, galliano, pineapple & orange juices!
Sex on the beach
Finlandia Vodka, white peach puree, cranberry with a touch of hoxton gin & a dash of absinth!
Pina Colada
Bacardi rum, coco lopez angostura bitters, pineapple all packed with a hint of lime for the perfect finish
Long Island Iced Tea
The whole rat pack in one glass! Poured by the pint this US classic has toured the world & we are happy to see her each time she comes around!
Zombie – £9
Wray and Nephew overproof rum flamed over a deluxe mix of rums, & Velvet Falurnum, Pernod absinth, maraschino, grenadine, & angostura bitters! Beware!
Big Boys drinks
“Are you all grown up?…”
Williams Chase London dry gin, accompanied by Chase Herefordshire potato vodka, combined with Lillet Blanc vermouth and garnished with a twist of lemon peel
The original martini from the 1880’s, made with Sip Smith Gin, antiqua formula vermouth, maraschino maraca cherry liquor and angostura bitters, scented with a twist of Amalfi lemon peel.
Filthy Mare
Amalfi lemon infused Arbequina olive brine stirred down with Mediterranean Gin Mare made up of thyme, olive and basil distillates garnished with Arbequina olives and scented with a rosemary mist.
Aperol Spritz
Aperol and prosecco with a splash of soda is the perfect aparetif to start your night.
Last Word
Equal parts Bombay dry gin, green Chartreuse, Maraschino liquor and fresh lime juice. Probably the last thing you will say or at least remember saying.
Pernod Absinth scented rocks glass with a splash of Somerset Royal cider brandy, topped with white American oak aged Woodford reserve. An Absinth mist finishes a British edge on a true classic.
Death in the Afternoon
A drink as srong as it is refreshing. pernod absinthe, fresh lemon juice, & sugar syrup shaken ice cold and topped with bubbles!
Old Fashioned
Woodford reserve stirred slowly over ice with sugar, orange bitters and a dash of soda before maturing in American white oak barrels. Served over an ice rock with

Because sharing is caring
“we’d like to see how the care bears would get on with these little beasts!”
literally! our oversized zombie will have your eyes watering in no time! Beware however, we only serve one per person for a reason!
Stock Pot
£30 serves 6 glasses
What’s not in it is more to the point. This big punch bowl is packed with gin, absinth and fruit of the season!
Soda Syphon
£30 serves 6 glasses
A healthy splattering of grey goose vodka, elderflower and fresh lime served with champagne flutes to serve your sexy selves!
Bloomin’ lovely!
Bloom gin, strawberries and rose petals are the perfct way to start her perfect evening with you!
Absinthe Fountain
A baby carafe of 100ml of your choice of absinth served at the table with its own fountain, sugar & infusion!
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La fontain – french white
Pernod – French green
Babichka – czech wormwood vodka
Enigma – French White
La Fee xs – swiss white
La Fee – Czech green

The London Cocktail Club
61 Goodge St,
Tel: +44 20 7580 1960
Opening times
Mon - Friday 16:30-24:00
Sat - 17:00-24:00
Sun - Private bookings only

New Oxford Street

The London Cocktail Club
St Giles ,
224 Shaftesbury Avenue,
Opening times
Mon – Friday 16:30-24:00
Sat 17:00-24:00
Sun – Private bookings only