Monday, 30 April 2012

Patrick Lichfield Nudes - Shows - The Little Black Gallery

Patrick Lichfield Nudes - Shows - The Little Black Gallery:

The Little Black Gallery is proud to present Patrick Lichfield: Nudes  
from 24 April – 26 May 2012.  This is the first exhibition of Lichfield's nudes.
Patrick Lichfield (1939-2005) was an internationally renowned photographer who worked 
for all the major magazines, exhibited worldwide, and published several books during his 
career. The National Portrait Gallery dedicated a retrospective exhibition to the first 
twenty years of his work in 2002. His great break was when he was summoned by Diana 
Vreeland, the doyenne of fashion editors, to photograph the Duke and Duchess of 
Windsor, and given a five year contract with American Vogue. In 1981 he was appointed 
official photographer at the wedding of his cousin, The Prince of Wales, and  
Lady Diana Spencer.  
He is lesser known for his nude work which will be exhibited for the first time. 
* a new book ‘Perceptions’ by Patrick Lichfield, published by Quadrille, is out now