Saturday 21 April 2012

Virgin London Marathon.

2012 Virgin London Marathon information

Before you leave home
Here’s our checklist for Virgin London Marathon spectators – have a read through before you set off to make sure you’re prepared for the day.

On the move

Most spectators try to spot the runners they’re supporting at several points around the course. Check out our race timings guide so you can decide when and where you need to be in advance.

Public transport

Many roads are closed on race day, so the best way to get around is using the London Underground,South Eastern and Docklands Light Railway (DLR), who lay on extra services especially. Remember, the trains will be busy all day – expect it to be like rush hour. You’ll probably have to queue at some stations and the tube lines may be forced to shut temporarily throughout the day to help ease the crowds.

Travel light

You might not be running the Virgin London Marathon, but you’ll still be on your feet all day watching the runners, walking up stairs and using the escalators in tube stations. Think carefully about what you bring with you - try to leave valuables at home, and remember, bringing young children and pushchairs to the race will also means it takes more time to move through the crowds.

Make yourself comfortable

Make sure you dress sensibly, as you’re likely to be outside for most of the day. Comfortable shoes are a must, and remember to bring a waterproof in case there are any April showers!
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