Sunday 1 April 2012

London Zoo Penguin Beach
The sunny spring weather makes it the perfect time to visit ZSL London Zoo's newest exhibit - Penguin Beach.
Zsl London Zoo Penguin Beach
This Easter is the perfect time to hit the beach - Penguin Beach that is! The newest exhibit at ZSL London Zoo takes visitors from the heart of London to the heart of a South American beach and is England's largest penguin pool, home to a colony of over 60 penguins. The exhibit also features a penguin nursery, and an early Easter egg hunt has already begun as zookeepers have found the first penguin eggs of the year .

The daily penguin feed is a time-honoured tradition at the Zoo, and Penguin Beach Live! is the Zoo’s newest and most popular yet. Watch the penguins duck and dive demonstrating their natural behaviours and learn more about these fascinating animals. Ahead of your visit, why not check out how the penguins are doing on our new Penguin Beach Cam .
You can also visit some of the many other Spring arrivals in the Zoo, including thebaby cotton-topped tamarin twins and baby Sulawesi crested macaque .