Thursday 22 April 2021

Imitate Modern - 'In Case You Need A Hug Break Glass'


'In Case You Need A Hug Break Glass'
Pictured: 'In Case You Need A Hug Break Glass' 2021.Teddy Bear in an LED Lightcase, unique. 55x35x20 cm
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Other Artworks by Max Wiedemann
Pictured: 'Forget Love Buy Me Diamonds' 2021. Neon & LED Installation. Unique. 110x110 cm
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Pictured: 'DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT', 2021. Spray paint on Canvas Unique. 120x150 cm
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Maximilian Wiedemann’s (b.1977) work examines the perplexities of grand industry against the trials and tribulations of the less advantaged. In other words, he is the modern day Robin Hood of Art; knowledge and access to the world of the rich and famous, coupled with his biting wit and natural born sarcasm, has given him a unique vision and voice in the art world. His artwork is a commentary on the modern day world, making art an accessible medium in which to appreciate beauty and irony simultaneously.

Maximilian is commissioned by some of the most exclusive brands to display his art at the hottest addresses in the world.Karl Lagerfeld introduced Max to the Editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld at a restaurant in Paris, when Karl Lagerfeld bought a painting, he thrust Maximilian into the art spotlight. 
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