Saturday 22 September 2012

After Hours Science Uncovered- Natural History Museum
On Friday 28 September the Natural History Museum is throwing open its doors for Science Uncovered, its biggest late-night event yet.

Join more than 350 leading researchers to discover more about the important work they do, view rarely seen specimens from our collections, join tours and talks and visit our amazing Science Stations.

Highlights include:

Science Stations – chat to Museum scientists at the cutting-edge of their fields, and get involved in a range of topics, from the origins of the human species, to the outer limits of the known universe.

Museum tours – join Museum researchers for exclusive tours to see their behind-the-scenes work, including the opportunity to see the giant squid and the treasures locked inside The Vault.

Science Fight Club – debate some of today’s controversial science issues. Can GM food feed the world? Should we eat tuna? Come along and have your say.

Nature Live – explore the immense variety of the natural world at a series of informal, interactive talks with Museum experts, including live link-ups to CERN and researchers in Antarctica.

Science Bar – join our scientists for a drink and discuss some of the burning questions of the day, from the latest theories about evolution and extinction, to careers in science, we’re sure you’ll find a topic to whet your appetite.

All this and more will be available free at Science Uncovered at the Natural History Museum on 28 September 2012, from 16.00 to 23.00.

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Science Uncovered is part of the EU-funded Researchers’ Nights. Across Europe 300 cities will hold similar events showing how exciting and vital research is to our lives.