Friday 28 September 2012

BBC Nature - Nature's big picture: 'Pests' preserved

BBC Nature - Nature's big picture: 'Pests' preserved: "A preserved locust eating a mouse is one of the unusual exhibits on display at the Natural History Museum, London as part of the Europe-wide Researchers Night initiative, which aims to encourage an interest in scientific research. The specimen is more than 100 years old and was collected by Reverend M H Reid in the Congo. Dr Erica McAlister, curator of entomology at the museum, said she thought the mouse was already dead before the locust found it. The African species Ornithacris pictula pictula is known as an opportunistic hunter. The discovery is included in a session focusing on pests and parasites. Science Uncovered takes place at the museum from 1600 BST, Friday 28 September."
Locust eating mouse