Monday 10 September 2012

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Chagos Archipelago
New video captures life on thriving seamount
The Chagos Marine Reserve is the world’s largest marine protected area and contains some of the most vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life and cleanest sea water in the world.

ZSL took part in a recent expedition to this remote group of islands and used video technology to document the status of the diverse range of sharks and other fishes.

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Endangered frog breeding success
Mountain Chicken frog
Rescued mountain chickens
Frogs airlifted from a disease-ravaged island in the Caribbean have successfully bred for the first time at ZSL London Zoo and will be released back into the wild when fully grown.
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Puffin tagging
Atlantic puffin
Geolocators fitted to track migration
ZSL is studying puffins in Ireland to reveal where they spend their time outside of the breeding season and identify areas key to the survival of the species.
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Technology for Nature
Tissue sampling from whales using a remote control helicopter
Revolutionising wildlife conservation
Advances in technology are rapidly changing what can be achieved and ZSL is involved in a number of projects using this new equipment to monitor on land, in the ocean and from space.
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Bushmeat orphan seized
Afangui, a rescued gorilla in Equatorial Guinea
Major awareness campaign triggered
Conservationists from ZSL have supported the government of Equatorial Guinea in the high-profile confiscation of an infant gorilla which was being kept illegally to attract tourists.
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