Friday 28 September 2012

London Zoo

Lion cubs celebrate first birthday

It's a big week for the Asian lion cubs at ZSL London Zoo as they celebrate their first birthday.
Lion cub lying in grass© ZSL
One year old lion cubs Indi and Heidi enjoyed colourful birthday presents this week courtesy of their keepers.
The painted boxes were filled with treats and toys to spark Heidi and Indi's natural curiosity and playful nature, including meat and boomer balls. The cubs were curious of the new items in their enclosure and soon started investigating them after mum Abi started to "unwrap" the boxes for them.
The female cubs were the second pair to be born to the Zoo’s love-cats Abi and Lucifer in two years.
Watch the video of the cubs investigating their presents and playing with their boomer balls:
Abi with birthday present
Mum, Abi, helped "unwrap" the birthday presents for her cubs.
Lion Cub With Birthday Present
Asian lion cub Heidi approaches her birthday present
Lion cub With ball
Indi plays with a boomer ball on her first birthday