Tuesday 21 July 2015

Natural History Museum - Breaking news: Dippy goes on tour

We want you to be the first to hear our exciting news. We will be sending our famous Diplodocus, Dippy, on tour around the UK from early 2018. 

Dippy is one of 10 replicas of the original D.carnegii in museums around the world and has become an icon, famously welcoming millions of people to the Natural History Museum since 1979. We intend that Dippy will always be on show and accessible to the public, and in the longer term, Dippy is destined to find a new home back in South Kensington. 

In summer 2017, a diving blue whale will be suspended in Dippy's place as part of the redevelopment of Hintze Hall. We look forward to sharing the plans for the redevelopment with you as they progress. 


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